Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This is what I heard on the radio today driving home from class... Go to this website to read it as I am afraid that since my opinion is DECIDEDLY negative, I could get slapped with copyright infringement issues if I post the "poem" (a-propaganda-choo) on my blog....
It's "we are virginia tech" by -- Nikki Giovanni, University Distinguished Professor of English, VPI&SU

I promise you, I heard the this & was screaming "WHAT?!?!?" in my car at my radio. People driving near me (I was at a stop light) looked at me funny & kinda scooted down in their seats.

This is the MOST tasteless, horrible, insensitive "memorial" poem I have EVER heard in my entire life!
WHAT does this woman think, that ANYONE can compare the life of an elephant (baby elephant no less) to a HUMAN BEING?!?!
If I was there, if my child was one of the 33 people murdered, I would be screaming for this woman's resignation. Who does this woman think she is to preach her political agenda to people who are mourning, to people who are emotionally vulnerable to her propaganda.

And what's with this line...
"We are strong and brave and innocent and unafraid"
INNOCENT? (I think you all know my opinion on the "innocence of man," so I'm not going there.)

UNAFRAID? what cloud is her head stuck in? I don't know about her, but every interview I have watched of students & staff on campus during the shooting IS STILL SCARED 24+ hour later.

So she shoves her agenda down the throats of these poor shocked and grieving people & then hides her message by TRYING to evoke the feelings you get when listening to one of Martin Luther King Jr. speeches. ("we will prevail" much like "we will overcome")
This makes me sick.
I seriously want to vomit.

My heart goes out to all the parents and families and friends of the 33 victims. You are all in my prayers even if I don't know any of your names. I am outraged that this woman has degraded the memory of your precious children for the sake of her political views.
I pray that the LORD gives you comfort and hope.

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