Sunday, March 25, 2007

Big boy!

Just comparing the bub from last year to this year. About this time last year in the great snow state, we were digging out our car from a huge double whammy blizzard, and feeding Mr. Man some snow while we could. Now the little guy is out playing in the sunshine & moving little people from the bus to his new airplane.
I ask Bub, "Where does the panda go? In the luggage compartment?" he gives me a glazed donut look for a minute and then tries to get me to kiss whatever little people person he is currently holding.... can someone explain this to me?

Anyhow, We had a WONDERFUL day today. Momma woke up "early" (7am) with Bub and did the morning thing with him (brush-brush the teeth, open the blinds & curtain, make the bed, get dressed, kiss the fluffy....) and then got ready for Church. Mr. Man played with his little people while getting his morning choco (which was actually vanilla flavored milk, but it's still choco....)..did the shake-shake dance (instead of saying "shake your body/booty" we say "shake-shake-shake, shake-shake-shake, shake your sippy...etc..")

Then we went to church, but no one showed up to teach children's church. My friend Kim and I decided we should go ahead and do it. It was hilarious to me watching Bub zoom in and out of the group activities. He would be intently watching the other kids listening to our lesson, then all of a sudden he would dump out a bucket of blocks, & put it over his head and babble to himself. We talked about how Jesus wanted the disciples to be Fishers of Men, and made Puffy-fish out of paper, staples and tissue! Then we took the whole lot outside to play on the playground. Kim's son made up this alligator/crocodile game that all the kids (except bub) played with great enthusiasm...mostly, for a while anyhow. I had such fun watching all the kids play and had to laugh when they all looked at me funny for wanting to play "Duck, Duck, Grey Duck" (I'm sorry, "duck, duck, goose" is just SO wrong....) I guess it's just a northern-midwest kind of thing....
Then we went out to Lunch with Kim's family and had such a good time!!!!
So that was really a great morning & I enjoyed it, but....once we got home & I put Mr. Man down for his nap, I fell asleep maybe I need more coffee....

Love to all!

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  1. I must say that we did a doggone good impromptu teaching. And Mr. Man was so cute with that bucket on his head!! I'm glad that you enjoyed your time. I did too!



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