Thursday, March 08, 2007

Another example of my nerdiness

So, as I posted last night I did my art project b4 I went to bed. I wasn't REALLY happy with it, and kept thinking about how I wasn't REALLY happy with it. I showed it to Dorlaine, and She's SO sweet, but I know it wasn't very good. See here.

The project is to Show 4 out of the 9 principles of the illusion of Depth.

So, Even I think this is not good, so while Mr. Bub is sleeping I try again, and come up with this one.

I like it better, but for some reason it makes me thin of those old Bombay Gin ads....
FYI the 9 principle of the illusion of depth are:
1:Relative size (scale)
3:Position/veritical rise
4:Relative value
5:Atmospheric Perspective (fuzzy and dark in the distance)
6:Linear Perspective (parallel lines meet at horizon)
8:Isometric Perspective (rectangles become paralellograms, and circles become ovals)
9:Warm colors advance and cool colors retreat

And knowing me, anything I do will have to have some kind of surreal-type influence.

So we'll see how this turns out.
Love to all!

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