Saturday, February 17, 2007


I FOUND THE PARODY OF "COPS" with storm troopers!

My friend Mike showed this to me -years- ago & I nearly PIP! So now I found it! Go there & take a gander, it's great!

(can't figure out how to do the anchor thing, so just cut & paste!)

I love this stuff. :)

Now, I really should go to bed, but I'm not too tired yet as Joe let me take 2 naps today while he played with the Bub. Mr. Man got better by the end of the day, his nose did not that a word?...that makes me think of this commercial I saw a while back for a laptop. one of the descriptive words for it in the commercial (adjective) was some made up word - ruggedablity-

anyway. let's hope I am not poorly in the morning. We're driving up to AR on Sunday & I need to be better. time to suck down the orange juice. bleah. I really don't like it tho.

More pictures for my Mom. I made kashka (tho I can only find "maltomeal" down here) for the little man a few days back & put in the jam. He looked at me funny & then started eating with gusto!

Like the mess he makes for me? *sigh* at least if I give him a towel & say "wipe wipe" he does try to clean a bit...yayee!

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  1. The first and only time I had ever head the word "kashka" was when Kevin's brother and sister-in-law adopted 2 sisters from Siberia. Apparently the girls LOVED the stuff. So, that was random.....



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