Tuesday, February 06, 2007

how weird is that? RFIDs

So I'm doing research; preparing for my speech next monday. I have been clueless on what to do it on until I think, Destron Feared; Digital Angel; other evil corporations like Verichip need to be exposed! So I'm looking up info on RFIDs (radio frequency identification) and I am learning all sorts of weird things...Like did you know:

* casino's are using these RFIDs in chips, chip counters, table & tip boxes to make sure you don't cheat the house?

*Or that in San Fran, Chicago & some Florida city (miami?) they have sent out RFIDs embedded in Mini car keys & when one of these 4500 owners drive past the billboard, it will light a a special message just for them (like "Vera's cruising now!").

*Or that in northern California there was a school that made the kids wear RFID badges as a mandatory part of their dress code (Parents were NOT happy)...really, look it up- Britton Elementary, the principal is earnie graham. (I called the school & left a message for him asking for info on what happened b/c the only articles I could find were in 2005 & only dealt with the initiation of this policy...I doubt he will call or email me back) (I read the school's "student Handbook" on the school's website & didn't see anything about it, so it is prolly abandoned)

Now I don't think using the tech of RFIDs is completely bad, (like that mini car thing cracks me up & the owners made a voluntary choice to participate). but INJECTING A CHIP INTO YOUR ARM/HAND is a BAD IDEA! forbearing the whole "sign of the beast" thing, hello...Norplant?

Does anyone remember the fiasco of Norplant? Imbedding sticks of birth control hormones under the skin of your arm? Remember how they would "wander" and end up stuck in your elbow? (not a personal experience, just saw the pictures) At least with Norplant it was over an inch long & you could EASILY locate where the suckers were. This Verichip (which was approved by the FDA in 2004) is smaller than a flippin' penny! It's the size of a grain of rice! How are you going to find this thing when your subcutaneous tissue degrades & it goes floating off to regions unknown in your body?

Do you think Kurt Russel & Martin Short are going to miniaturize & search it out? HELLO!


Maybe FSJ can create an Ichip. hehehehehe

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