Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dude, This guy wins the Muppet obsession award.

I thought I had issues with collecting Muppet videos, memorizing songs, drilling people my age about obscure skits on Sesame street (like the Geefle & Gonk- I just was talking about them today because I gave bub a nectarine & started going "geefle, geefle" and holding my arms up like I couldn't bend them. Let me tell you, the looks I got from everyone just made me turn RED. Even my own son gave me that "what have you been smoking, momma?" look)

SEE! SEE! I -AM- a freak! & this guy is intensified to the nth degree.
I added him to my links...if you have a problem figuring out which one it is...wellllll, maybe I'm not the freak! :)

I started looking thru his links & there was a link to...Ross will love this...GELFLING COLLEGE!
But *sigh* the link was dead. the site had been closed, or moved, or something. but I was snickering pretty hard. *grin*

Ho hum. I should go to bed. BUT WOO HOO!
I finished typing my "due-on-monday-speech" and prepared my visuals (2) & can deliver it in 6min, 55seconds (time limit is 5-7 min)

Once I have it graded, if anyone is interested, I'll post the sucker. hehehehehe

loves to all!

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