Tuesday, January 09, 2007

some kinds of help: part 2

So, last week I decided to get some of the weeds out of Grandma's rock-beds. Mr. Man saw me pulling the weeds up & putting them in this empty flower pot. He decided to "help" (I use the term loosely) *lol

So he grabs the pot, dumps out the contents, runs to "his" corner of the yard, and proceeds to pull up anything green & place it in the pot.

When the pot was full, he climbed into his playhouse & shoved the whole thing down the slide laughing like the silly-head he can be.

This game lasted for an hour. He just kept it up.
Every now & then, he would come over to me, grab my hand & pull me over to watch his accomplishment & clap for him.

That's my little man, huh?

Happy Tuesday.

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