Friday, January 26, 2007

mile stones...right?

well, I think we are seeing some good mile stones with Mr. man.

Wednesday he was playing in the pantry. He found a basket my mom gave me & was filling it with tuna fish cans (he doesn't like tuna, but he SURE likes the cans it comes in....*sigh*) (FYI- it's was the basket right in front of him & towards the floor in the below picture he was using at the time- it kinda looks like a picnic basket) anyhow. I had just checked on him, making sure he wasn't grabbing things from too high that would fall on his head (he is fascinated with things -just- beyond his reach), he looked fine with the tuna filled basket so I went back to the counter to finish studying for one of my psych classes. I hear a "thunk" & a big wail & a little man comes racing out of the pantry, pulls me down to floor level & weeps into my shoulder. Of course I hug the little man & I asked him to show me where it hurts (he never does, I have to find the bruise or cut myself once he calms down). Well, surprise surprise! Mr. man sniffles, pulls back & points to a tiny scratch just under his left eye. I am caught off guard by this, but quickly recover with the traditional obligitory "oh poor sweet baby, momma kiss it better...." speeches. Mr. Man seemed to feel better once the kisses were applied to the correct places. :)

then, this morning I woke up unusually early & watched the morning news with grandpa b4 he left for work.(getting to watch the news in the morning is a HUGE treat for me). Around 6:30 I hear the unmistakable sound of Mr. Man awake (he has taken to barking upon waking this past week an a half) so I go over to his room to give him his morning hug. He is sitting up on the side of his bed, barking softly to himself at this point. He sees me, holds out his hands & says "momma" really excitedly. That was the best good morning I got!

New favorite game is filling his "little people" bus with people & animals from his "noah's ark" set. Every "load" will contain a panda, all the others are different, but there is something about the panda that must be bussed all around town (kinda like me during elementary school). however, the panda is never the driver, tho sometimes the lion is. how weird is that?

He finally decided he likes PB & J sandwiches 2 months after I decide I can let him try peanut butter (remember, I have a dread of food allergies & food intolerances)

He saw a package of his favorite and best treat (chocolate covered graham crackers) laying on the counter, screamed "cookie" & lunged at the package, then helped himself to the "cookies" while grandma & momma laughed (we prolly shouldn't have laughed, but we couldn't help it....)

what a busy week.

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  1. Oh goodness, he's getting older!! and looks soooo much like his daddy!! I have been wanting to call you and see how everything is, will try to do so this week. We have been equally busy around here with Alayna starting school and Ross not here. I always think I'll have MORE time on my hands, but it seems to always be LESS!!
    Thanks for all of the pictures, they look great. He IS coming along, and I think it's great!



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