Monday, January 29, 2007

You asked for it Dawn, that's all I'm saying....

I'm tagged along with the rest of the blogging world...

To come up with six weird things about me. hmmm. To come up with ONLY six is probably the hard part.....

1) I MUST eat the half-popped kernels in a bag of microwave popcorn before I can toss it out- & I HAVE to save the half-popped kernels for last. (but I hate corn-nuts)

2) I must sit thru the end credits of any movie I go to at the theater, but I won't if I watch a movie on TV or video/DVD (Joe hates that....)

3) I secretly love listening to the music on playhouse disney (did anyone know -or care- that They Might Be Giants wrote & preformed the newest version of "the mickey mouse club house" song, the "hot dog" song on mickey mouse club & that "higgly-town heroes" song-video?) I also think Ralph on "Ralph's World" looks like Garth in a brown wig (Garth from "Wayne's world) & Bub and I "sing" the "Daniel cook" song every morning after the doodle-bops (don't get me started there) and bub & I pretend to be the different animals during the "koala brothers" song. -Lolly is an emu, and Sam is an echnid (how sad am I any how....Does this count as more than 1 wierd thing?) How does one imitate an echnid? I kinda roll up in a ball cuz they're kinda like hedgehogs, only marsupials.....and guess what...I know that fun little fact from the They Might Be Giants song "mammal" on the apollo 18 album. *shakes head at the magnitude of my sad-ness....* the REALLY sad part of this is that I have found a way to connect the beginning of my ramble to the end of my ramble & justify my ramble with the ramble...."oy! I need a tums" -grandfather grape...Jonah, end credits... (there I go again....)

4) I named my dog after an episode of Doctor Who....One that never aired on TV, only as a web-cast. I go to Doctor who websites, and watch web-casts. I spent a week reading a web site on the chronological history of Gallifrey & the Doctor's multiple time-lines on some "nerd-like-me"'s web site. FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, I was a member of a Doctor who fan club as a teen-ager. I didn't have a teenage crush on tom cruise or Michael J. Fox like all my normal friends, I had a crush on Peter Davidson! HELLO!!!!!!!

5) (do I need to go on?) I freak out every time Joe upgrades the computer & I can't find my files, but discover to my embarrassment that the changes he made really make my life easier.

6) I refer to a blue & white duster as "Fuffy" & on occasion give it hugs & kisses when my little man requests it...
yeah. yayee me.

I may have to delete this post after Dawn reads it.

Friday, January 26, 2007

mile stones...right?

well, I think we are seeing some good mile stones with Mr. man.

Wednesday he was playing in the pantry. He found a basket my mom gave me & was filling it with tuna fish cans (he doesn't like tuna, but he SURE likes the cans it comes in....*sigh*) (FYI- it's was the basket right in front of him & towards the floor in the below picture he was using at the time- it kinda looks like a picnic basket) anyhow. I had just checked on him, making sure he wasn't grabbing things from too high that would fall on his head (he is fascinated with things -just- beyond his reach), he looked fine with the tuna filled basket so I went back to the counter to finish studying for one of my psych classes. I hear a "thunk" & a big wail & a little man comes racing out of the pantry, pulls me down to floor level & weeps into my shoulder. Of course I hug the little man & I asked him to show me where it hurts (he never does, I have to find the bruise or cut myself once he calms down). Well, surprise surprise! Mr. man sniffles, pulls back & points to a tiny scratch just under his left eye. I am caught off guard by this, but quickly recover with the traditional obligitory "oh poor sweet baby, momma kiss it better...." speeches. Mr. Man seemed to feel better once the kisses were applied to the correct places. :)

then, this morning I woke up unusually early & watched the morning news with grandpa b4 he left for work.(getting to watch the news in the morning is a HUGE treat for me). Around 6:30 I hear the unmistakable sound of Mr. Man awake (he has taken to barking upon waking this past week an a half) so I go over to his room to give him his morning hug. He is sitting up on the side of his bed, barking softly to himself at this point. He sees me, holds out his hands & says "momma" really excitedly. That was the best good morning I got!

New favorite game is filling his "little people" bus with people & animals from his "noah's ark" set. Every "load" will contain a panda, all the others are different, but there is something about the panda that must be bussed all around town (kinda like me during elementary school). however, the panda is never the driver, tho sometimes the lion is. how weird is that?

He finally decided he likes PB & J sandwiches 2 months after I decide I can let him try peanut butter (remember, I have a dread of food allergies & food intolerances)

He saw a package of his favorite and best treat (chocolate covered graham crackers) laying on the counter, screamed "cookie" & lunged at the package, then helped himself to the "cookies" while grandma & momma laughed (we prolly shouldn't have laughed, but we couldn't help it....)

what a busy week.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

just because

here are some photos I wanted to post, but have been too busy or lazy to do. :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2 shoes, new shoes, playing in the dew shoes...

My little man. In my shoes. In my Platformed-2inchplus heels.

Gives new meaning to the words

"All fall down"


Monday, January 15, 2007

Beware the "dead sea products people"

This is actually a post I wanted to do pre-Christmas, but didn't get the chance with life being the way it now I will document my sage expressions to my husband that neither of us pay attention to until it is FAR too late. (get that? I don't even listen to typical is that???)

Here are the Dead sea people:

Now back in late November or EARLY December, I took Bub to the mall here in town, because I was CONVINCED that there was a child-play area like there is at Rosedale mall back up in the winter-state. So me & Mr. Man tromp ALL over this mall (not that it's that big, but you get the gist) and can find no child-play area.

By now, I am irritable (I realized I was mixing up the Many & Numerous locales I have lived in since turning 21) and irritable Muppethead is not always as patient as she knows she should be. Irritable Muppethead is not as glib either. Plus Irritable Muppethead knows Mr. Man is watching her interactions with other people so Muppethead has to "suck it up" and act like she isn't .

So I put on the permasmile- (I learned this contortion of facial muscles in my HS years while working lunch rushes at Arby's which had the drive-thru on the wrong side...I would be rich if I had gotten tuppence for every time SOMEONE said the equivalent of, "who is the ^%$# jerk who designed this &$backward drive-thru". but I digress...) pulled out the quarters and had Bub go on the "rides". the merry-go-round one was ok...but really, they were sadder than normal. Then we go to the cookie store & buy a cookie to share at the food court along with a rootbeer.
I am tired of smiling at this point & decide that 2 hours in a mall is quite enough thank you, so I decide our outing is over and time to go home. the store we are parked in front of has some Kioskes in front of it....Yes this is the part of the story where I start talking about the "dead sea product people"

I am accosted by 2 groups of "dead sea product people", one group wants to sell me hand lotion & stuff, the other wants me to let Bub play with their toys so I can try the hand lotion & stuff at the other booth. I am still being "nice" & say no....not now, I have a tired little boy. They try again so I pull out the "baby has a dirty diaper- I have to go!" routine, which technically was true because he was wet, but he would have been fine for a few more minutes. We are now free & make a run for it thru Dillards.

So after this experience with the relentless nature of the "dead sea product people", Joe & I take Bub to the mall a week or two later to get something (I really don't remember what is was) at night. before we get into the mall, I tell Joe, "don't let the 'dead sea product people' get us". Joe has no clue what I am talking about & makes me relate the above story. Now Joe is laughing at me & bub is impatient to get out of the baby-seat in the back. so we get in the mall, do what we had to do & then it happens....we walk past the "dead sea product people". They have pulled out the stops being just before Christmas & have all sorts of shiney exciting toys out to lure the unwitting. There is a flying thingy with lights that Mr. Man is mesmerized by. we stopped to let him look at it (stupid stupid stupid!) and they dug their claws into us. they are getting Joe to try the remote toys & getting Mr. man to laugh & smile & chase the truck. Joe is loving the hi-tech-ness of these products & gives me the "we should get this" look. bub is chasing the truck all over the place obviously having a delirously good time.

Now, I am still holding back at this point, being wary of the "dead sea product people" they sense my hesitation like a shark senses blood in the water & POUNCE on me pulling Joe into the fray... "for you I giving special boss, he tell me no to give discount, but I like to giving discount to happy beautiful families" (hello, I am a sucker for people who say nice things about my family) so I sigh while looking at my husband & son. Joe pipes up with "it's Christmas honey- bub loves this...can you just imagine how cool it will be in the back yard in summer?" I sigh again & they go for the kill. We bought them. They are cool. they tried to get me to buy hand lotion too with extra special discount. I flat out said "NO"!

We get back to the car, I say, "I told you to keep away from the 'dead sea product people'." Joe didn't realize that's who they were & we ended up laughing all the way home.

I have yet to go back to the mall. I just know they will foist that hand lotion at me.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I did it!

I am registered for 12 credits. Yes, 12. wow.

I guess dragging my family across country & reversing job roles with my husband IS all it takes to get me back in school.

BIG huge thank you goes out to my Joe, for helping me not be afraid to just go for it.
I love my Joe.

some kinds of help: part 2

So, last week I decided to get some of the weeds out of Grandma's rock-beds. Mr. Man saw me pulling the weeds up & putting them in this empty flower pot. He decided to "help" (I use the term loosely) *lol

So he grabs the pot, dumps out the contents, runs to "his" corner of the yard, and proceeds to pull up anything green & place it in the pot.

When the pot was full, he climbed into his playhouse & shoved the whole thing down the slide laughing like the silly-head he can be.

This game lasted for an hour. He just kept it up.
Every now & then, he would come over to me, grab my hand & pull me over to watch his accomplishment & clap for him.

That's my little man, huh?

Happy Tuesday.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

if only I had the visual on this!

I found this on wikipedia:

Kit Kat advertisement (2001)

A 2001 advertising campaign for Kit Kat chocolates showed British celebrities doing things which were contrary to their popular images (for example, football player Roy Keane doing needlepoint). One of the first shots in the advertisement is of Daleks chasing people on the street saying, in the standard Dalek tones, "Give us a cuddle!" while the final shot had Daleks following a group of Hare Krishna devotees, chanting "Peace and love!" The advertisement concluded with the Kit Kat slogan "Have a break, have a Kit Kat," implying that the Daleks were having a break from their habitual killing.
The Daleks' use in this advert was brought to an end by the estate of Terry Nation, who had not been aware of the usage. The advertising agency had mistakenly believed that the creatures were in the public domain.
*PIP* Daleks wanting to cuddle!!! hahaha
I want to get a copy of this commercial, but prolly will never see it past my imagination.

Jumbo Raisins

I just don't have the heart to call it what it really is....

If you recall the post from Dec 15, the number #1 rule...all new momma's are fixated on the "End Products" of their babies????
Well, with the ongoing issues my poor lil bub has had, I sucked it up & bought this.

Momma goes out of her way to call it "jumbo raisins" because Mr. Man loves raisins & they DO look like really big raisins. I do make the quote marks with my fingers when I call them "jumbo raisins" so I'm not lying to him either. (yes, the inner nerd just emerges in the everyday life...)

Grandma thinks I am silly to call it that because he doesn't know what it really is, nor does he know the connotations of -that- word-...but I maintain that Mr. Man is bright enough to see Momma's distress at feeding him this that if I didn't call it a funny name that made me happy, he wouldn't eat it.

Case in point....
Grandma has a HUGE jar of pickled okra in the fridge. Just as a reference, I have never liked okra since a bad experience with a "shoney's"* on a youth trip or maybe a HP tour trip. Grandma & I were going thru some of the stuff in the fridge while Mr. Man was nearby taking things in & out of kitchen drawers & cabinets, & she pulls out this jar & asks me if I like it. I said no, that I don't like Okra, I have tried it several times & prepared in different ways, but I do not like it, sam I am. I will not eat it if I can. Then she asks if bub would like it because it kind of tastes like a pickle. I said that he will eat pickles on occasion & we can try to give him one. So up goes mr. Man on his chair, grandma gives him a pickled okra. he sniffs it & runs away. I say he ran away b/c he heard momma say "I don't like it" cuz normally he will at least try new things before running away. This same thing happened a few weeks earlier when grandma asked me if I like sweet pickles & I said no as she was trying to give one to bub.
Co-inki-dink? prolly not.

Here is what Mr. Man thinks of Momma's "jumbo raisins"

No cookie monster here....I have a "jumbo raisin" monster. Seriously! If I let him have the can to himself he will gorge himself silly. I have to ration him on it or he'll just stuff them in & then I have to pull them out & tell him "one at a time!!!"

Never did I think this would be my life.

FYI- it worked. He now eats 3-6 "jumbo raisins" a day (slowly parceled out) & is doing, if you can call that splendid. At least it is when Joe has diaper duty.... hehehehehehehe.

*as an aside- you must pronouce "shoney's" as /sa-hun-e-z/

Monday, January 01, 2007

Invasion of the Princesses!

For new years eve day cousins K & J came over. Cousin K realized she still had a Christmas present from grandma she forgot to open, so she did. It was a Princess dress-up kit. LOTS of Princess dresses & things.

Mr. Man thought she was a lovely princess & gave her a kiss

Even Cousin J got into the Diva-mode! *grin*

Cousin K wasn't too happy about the heist of her tiara - don't have a shot of that tho. *hee hee*

As for me, I stayed up til midnight playing FFXII, because I am a geek....but at least I wasn't asleep like some husbands I know....

Happy New Year!


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