Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Joe got stung by a scorpion last night!

Here it is ....Dead....

Grandma & me put it in the freezer in case it made Joe sick & would have to be identified for anti-venom-serum....

He is fine...no problems...I gave him 2 Benedryl & he slept like a baby all night.

The scary part is that it stung him in bub's room....& bub & I had been playing in there barefoot not more than 5 min. earlier. I say "Thank you" to God! I'd prolly be allergic/sensitive to it (bee/wasp/ant sensitivies) & Bub is prolly so small it would have meant a trip to ER for either of us. Joe took it in stride & acted like he was mad about all of us fussing over him (grandpa got out cousin K's emergency adrenylin shot out just incase Joe needed it)...but deep down where no one sees...he was happy we all fussed.

I didn't think Bub comprehended what was going on last night with all this hull-a-bah-boo, but I guess he did get some of it, cuz he was afraid to go in his room for a while today, until momma put slippers on both of us & showed him all was safe, even under the bed. Then he was happy as a clam-bake.

FYI- we identified it as a striped bark scorpion. The one that got Joe was only about an inch long if even that!
Here is a site with lots of good info! (if you don't want to hurl just looking at the creepy-crawlies!) EWWWWW!

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