Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What a Day- so far anyhow...

****Caution***Sappy Mom story***Caution****

L'il Bub is being a good Bub today- trying real hard to anyhow. Yesterday night he started saying "good". everything is good to/for him, and I think he is trying to live up to this- but sometimes, diapers don't keep up with Bubs.

As we know Bub is now a great big boy of 2- yesterday he decided that he wants to use his potty again. (FYI-he went on "potty-strike" before & during the relocation). Well he surprised me last night after brush-brush by going to his potty & using it!!! Then this morning he wanted to use it again! But- after morning snack, while Momma was putting his clothes away, Mr.Man decides to poop in diapers, take diapers off, and run screaming about his room doing his "happy dance". Thankfully, he was done poopin' by then & was really careful about how he took it off cuz none of it got on anything. *whew* If that wasn't enough to make things fun, right before his nap, he had exploding diaper. We all know how much Momma loves the exploding Diaper. He didn't like it either tho, which is a first...normally he laughs when it happens, I think it sneaked up on him too.

Yes, my little man IS trying, but sometimes you gotta poop & run. :)

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  1. I LOVE it Nina!!! SOOOOOO excited to see more pics. OH MY, he is SOOOO big and handsome. Been WAY too long since I've seen him!!! And you!! Love you!!



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