Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Today we tried to talk with Grammy & Grampy on the phone, but Mr.Man was too busy to talk, so Momma did the talking for him. Grammy was excited to know that the Bub is learning the concept of "tricycle" He understands that his feet on the petals will move him, but the whole handle-bar thing isn't there. It's quite funny to watch the Bub go in little circles or bang into the wall because nothing is happening with the handle-bars to direct him.

- but if you look closely, there is a little bell on there. We have a little game...Momma says, "Can you make the bell go 'BING'?" (does the question mark go before or after the quotation mark at the end of a sentence????) *puff* then the bub RUNS to the trike and bings the bell. then we clap hands & say "yayee!" Then we get a few gratutious bings just for fun...and then the random bings...etc....
Then when we talked with Grampy, Lil bub started acting up because we were well past snack-time...what a travesty. So while taking with Dad, I set Bub up with his current favorite; waffle & 'nilla yogurt with frozen blueberry dessert! Here he is with yogurt & blueberry face as requested by Grampy. Fortunately you are spared the shot of "cram-all-berries-in-my-mouth -like-a-chipmunk-so-no-one-else-will-want-them-then-spit-them-out-to-enjoy-one-at-a-time"
I get to clean that up everytime we have frozen-blueberry-dessert-treat. Love the ones that make it to the floor....

Also exciting was going with Grandma & Momma in Grandma's "truck" to pick up one of my nieces. That was fun. When she got in the car, Mr. Man was so excited he offered her his choco-sippy. She wisely declined as choco-sippy after visiting the mouth of bub is not altogether appetizing. But Boy-oh-boy does love going for a ride!

Finally, even tho I am a few hours early. MUST MUST MUST say Happy Birthday to my friend Melissa. Hope you get to go bowling! bowl a gutter ball for me! hehehehehehe. And yes you were always right, I am -that- kind of mom. *grin*


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  1. I just can't get over how big he is!! I want to know what the blueberry frozen desert is. My kids, well Sonya, LOVES blueberries!!! Let me know when you get a chance!! I might just call.
    Love ALL the pics!! Hope to be posting more on mine soon!!



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