Tuesday, October 17, 2006

For Melissa

My friend Melissa sent me an email today letting me know that Snow is on the way to the great snow state...in October...again. Then she asked me if I remembered the Oct 31st snowstorm in '91.

I do, only because my boss @ Arby's on Suburban(think her name was Kelly) was SO determined to open that Saturday Morning that she came and picked me up from home (I was a Junior in HS) because Muppet-dad (Grampy) said it was, " *&^%* crazy to drive anywhere in this *(&(*&^!!! snow" and he wasn't going to take me anywhere at 6am.
(I'm not sure how much of the above statement is accurate, and how much my imagination has embellished it...it was over 10 years ago!!!) Love you Dad. *kiss*

But I digress...I don't think I will see snow this year. So I'm putting up this shot from last March. This was that REALLY bad storm that snowed me in & I got an occurance because I did not come in for the last .5hr of my shift when I finally finished digging my car out! (does the bitterness still show?) Anyhow, in the breaks Me & Joe took to warm-up & thaw a bit from being outside, we put together a few non-yellow snowballs for the Bub because it was prolly his last big snow for a LONG time. He had quite a kick out of it. The bad part was he started to try to eat the snow off our shoes when we came inside after that.... *sigh*

anyhow. Love everyone & I hope Mel saw the Oct 4th post. :)

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  1. Okay. Really, I don't leave comments on everyone's blog everyday, but this CAN'T go unsaid. The '91 storm you speak of? UNFORGETTABLE around here. That's when Ross hit me in the eyeball with a snowball across the parking lot at CA...and he was CRYING to Kurt because he thought he was going to have to BUY me a new eyeball.
    Now, of course, with the crush I had, I wouldn't have made him buy me a new eyeball. BUT. With the pain I was in, wearing hard contacts and all, it sure was nice to see some sorrowful behavior over the whole thing!! And MAN, was he nice to me after that. For a while anyways.
    Definitely unforgettable.



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