Wednesday, October 18, 2006

fire ants...BAD!!! (SNL frankenstein w/ Sting)

In the Great White State (FYI- "white" b/c of SNOW), the Most feared insect is the mosquito, maybe the tick *SPOON* (sorry...knee-jerk reaction..kinda like "this is my boom-stick")
Anywhoo...Here in TX we fear the Fire Ant. These are NASTY little buggers & they are everywhere!

Due to rain & other unforseeable issues that have come up, the lawn has not been mowed for over 2 weeks. Now the grass isn't that high, & you can't really tell it's been that long. The only bad thing about this is that the fire ants have moved in.

Bub & I have not gone on yard walkabouts since this last weekend when I noticed several of these mounds all over the yard. The only reason I am this...concerned...about this is that cousin K is allergic to some sort of backyard bug (we're not sure what). and by allergic, I mean we have a spare adrenaline shot here just in case it's needed. I'm not "allergic" to any bugs, but I do have serious enough reactions to bee/wasp stings that require me to get a high dose of benedryl in Urgent care units, and as we ALL know, I am paranoid about my Bub being allergic/sensitive to the same things I am. (& this is a LONG LONG List)

SO with that drivel said, we have done walkabouts the neighborhood instead. But I want my Bub to be able to play in the yard too, and as rain is in the forecast for the rest of the week & the men folk prolly won't get to the yard until this weekend, I snuck out the the house during Bub's nap & did a fire ant hunt with the fire ant killer!!!! MUHWAHAHAHAHAH! (mad scientist laugh) They will be ALL DEAD by Morning!

So now I am happy!

Then I mopped the floor in the kitchen...M, I say M, I say M-O, I say M-O-P, I say M-O-P-P, M-O-P-P MOP!
(muppet flashback- see season 1)
Nubs to all

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