Monday, May 29, 2017

Are you ready for the summer. NO!

Bug and I went to the library yesterday.  I found a notice in her bag, on Saturday- the day AFTER the last day of school...that there is a summer reading program connected to our local library.  fortunately we are able to get bug signed up.

I was going over the prizes with her, one is a big special party for kids who read 100hrs+.  Bug says she's doing that.  I say, let's start with 5 hours, and add more.  Bug kinda looked at me funny, then ran off to play with some other kids.

I sat down intending to read a little and be quiet, because we (I!) have been going going going all weekend with little things. I ended up talking to 2 lovely ladies, one maybe 5-10 year older than me, the other well in her 70s. Very different backgrounds on each of them.  But it was nice.  I'm not usually a talkative person, feeling quite socially awkward most of the time in non-business settings.  I've been trying to stretch a little and make myself do things that are not always comfortable.  I don't like it, but I do it. Usually it turns out fine.

Bub continues to improve and is returning to himself after his horrible infection.  His O&P came up negative, but they didn't test for giardia, and that's what I think he had.  My poor boy has no pants that fit him.  :(  and he won't tolerate a belt. *puff*  Sometime this week, I need to run to some thrift shops and find him some pants.  I don't want to get a lot, bc I'm pretty sure he will start gaining that weight back pretty quickly.

We got back his allergy tests.  He is allergic to wheat, but not gluten.  But we're on week 3 of returning him to a GF diet.  The results also show he is allergic to soy and PB, both of which he seems to tolerate well in the past, and that he is NOT allergic to milk. ???  So we are patiently awaiting a follow up appt with an allergenist for further testing. 

He's starting to play games back with me.  His favorite right now is a variation of our original game "sneak" and "naughty puppy"  only instead of a puppy toy trying to steal his orderly stuff, I'm attempting the "theft" and alternating between "sneaking" a lego, or "sneaking" a tickle on his neck or arm.  He laughs, then tries to tickle me back.  Once in a while, he will let me have a few legos or other toys to build something, and as soon as I finish and show it to him he breaks it and laughs hysterically.

We all got to go to church yesterday.  Bub hasn't been able to go for over 2 months, what with all the GI symptoms he had been having.  No hooting and hollering.  We had to sit on the far side away from the cookie table tho.  I made GF chocolate chip cookies and brought a variety of other cookies and snacks for him so he wouldn't feel sad.  He loves getting goodies at church.  Bug was very considerate of her brother, and didn't show-off what she got at the goody-table, and only ate 1 of his "special" cookies!  lol!  sisterly love.  lolololololol

Today we are planning on a fun wet day at magic springs, then a small cook-out at home.  Right before sunset, if the weather is nice, we will toast marshmallows and make smores.  I found GF graham crackers!!!!!!  That did not exist 6 years ago.  as you can tell, it really doesn't take that much to excite me anymore...  0_o

Last Day of 1st Grade

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I miss my blogging time.  I read or listened to (not sure which) a story about a mom-blogger that was having a dilemma with blogging about her life which included how she deals with her kids and details about her kids, and how to protect/ensure her children's privacy as they were growing up.

She didn't really reveal what conclusion she made, which I felt was a pretty crappy way to end a story.  My conclusion is: I'm not sure either.  That's why her conclusion was crappy!

So I'm going to continue as I have, I don't think anyone I know really reads this anymore since I have been so negligent in posting.

School is about to end for my little muck-mucks.  Bub has missed the last 3 weeks of school r/t an unknown illness.  We are waiting on lab results, but since he was put on Flagyl ("just in case") he has improved.  So I'm thinking my little guy picked up a parasite at some point since Feb.  March is when he started having trouble.  He has lost 18lbs since Feb.

...I don't think I will have to worry about his PCP telling me that Bub is overweight and counseling me on preventing early teen/adult onset diabetes for a while...  *yeah, my mind goes there*

This past year, the Zbug has been diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia.  The momma-muppet had been pushing the school district and her MD specialist all year, so now the ZBug is getting appropriate therapies, interventions, and medications.  She has a 501 plan.  She went from being 3 reading levels behind in October to being 2 levels ABOVE standard for her grade/age.

So although I am FAR from an expert, I now have experience with IDEA and 501s- which are VERY different programs that cover very different types of children.

You know, and this is just me.  I am very grateful there are ANY kinds of programs for kids with learning and/or development disabilities.  I get really frustrated at my fellow parents that bitch and moan about how there aren't enough programs, and how the programs don't cover everything.

I keep hearing my step-grandmother over and over in my head, in her strong Ukie accent: "You think life is easy?  It's not easy, it's Hard!"

I know most of my family did not like her, but I really appreciate the honesty she had for a 16 yr old idealistic-idiot.  I try REALLY hard to replicate that kind of honesty with my kids.  They will not thank me for it until MUCH later in life.  If I am lucky, I will still have my marbles.


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