Monday, January 04, 2016

Last Summer's alternative

So, during the last two years where I didn't blog, for whatever reasons there were, we did stuff.

Last summer Joe and I got the news that Bub doesn't qualify for ESY (extended school year).  We were kinda expecting that tho, since the year before he BARELY qualified for it.

Being a forward thinker, I took advantage of a program at my job for discounted season passes for the local amusement park.

In a lot of ways, moving to Hot Springs was a really good move for us, we have TONS of touristy-type activities around, we're only an 30-60min drive from "big city stuff",  but we have yet to really explore and become part of it all.  We try, we just get so damn tired.  The thorn of waiting until you're 30 to have kids....

Anyhow, we did A LOT of time last summer at Magic Springs, Bub loved the rides best.  Bug loved the waterpark (splash island) best.

(note- I avoided all pictures of me in swimming gear...Muahhahahahaha, victory is mine!)

Bug is very heartbroken that the "musement park" isn't open past Nov. 1st.    Bub brings out the magic springs commemorative water-bottle-thingies and asks us "go?"  so he must be pretty sad about it too.

Both are looking forward to the opening on Memorial day.  I stopped at the HR office at work a week before Christmas to ask about getting tickets for next year, the sales rep from the park hadn't been in yet.  I am anxiously waiting for them to get in.  It makes summer so much better when we have something to do and the kids don't just sit around all day while I'm at work or sleeping.

yeah, gotta keep checkin' on that.

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