Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ongoing as always

Today I got a call from my daughter's MD's office.  She lad a CBC and CMP done about 2 weeks ago when she came down with pneumonia (which of course she had to share with me).  Her T4 is 13.5

We have to do a Thyroid panel now. 

This would explain many things unless it is elevated from the bacterial infection, which it could be, but her white count was normal. 

 So, bully us.  I take her for labs tomorrow afternoon.  We talked about the lab draw today on the way to ballet class.  Zbug says "I am afraid of the dark and IVs"  I reminded her it's only a lab draw, not an IV.  She calls it a shot.  She can point out what veins are good- lol.  She likes to pretend she gives me shots.  I have to show her the correct place on the arm cuz she'd get me on my wrist- that would be painful.

We finally got word from PRC that Bub's augmentive communication device should be here in 2-3 weeks.

I started the process of getting this thing on Dec 10th of last year.  I bet a bent penny we will get it on Dec 10th (a Thursday).

Both kiddos have glasses now.

(Imagine pictures of my kids until either Chrome lets me access google sites or Explorer lets me upload images)

I am back to working Nights again.

Yeah, it keeps going that way.


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