Sunday, June 30, 2013

what the....? and quick update

Who are all of you that keep looking at my blog even when I post nothing since March?  y'all must love me or I've got a heck of a lot of stalkers, lol

Well!  lots has changed since last post.  We bought a house and moved to AR.  I now work in a med-surg floor and am having my butt kicked like never before.

Zbug has almost stopped asking when we are going home and accepting we are NOW home.
Bub still poops and pees on the floor....but it's getting less frequent.
Joe has a yard to mow and a TON of house-hold fixer-uppers to do, and is glorying in dreaming about all the things he wants to do to make the house "awesome".

I found us a church, and since I'm now working days, I get to go to church!  yayee!  I go to the early service by myself-which is good, cuz I'm the only one that likes the traditional lyrical service, and then we all go to the contemporary service.  we make it about 10-15 min before me and the kids hit the nursery/childrens' church, so Joe gets a chance to worship in a setting he likes much better.  Joe will put up with the "Lutheran Aerobics" when I ask him to, but he much prefers not to.  ;D

Bub will be starting School again mid August.  Joe is anxiously counting down the days.  Rowan is slowly losing some of the weight he gain before the move, d/t Joe making him help mow the backyard and Bub just runs the stairs up and down to his room and back to the kitchen.  we'll get him there.  both Joe and I are sheding a few pounds...but just a little so far.  ha!  Zbug does NOT need to lose weight, she is SO tiny!  

will post pictures soon, Joe says he's going to build me a tardis mailbox.  I can't wait to paint it!!!!


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