Sunday, November 04, 2012

Wake up!

This is Zbugs favorite thing to say.  my heart is very relieved that she is verbalizing more and more, and is not just repeating what we say.  She's not on sentences yet, but she is starting original phrases.  Like today, when Joe took something away from her that she wasn't supposed to have, she said, "Daddy mean" while sniveling to me. 

She snivels.  to me, in corners, she puts herself in a cupboard and snivels.  I have to find a way to help her stop sniveling.  She's a very determined little girl, she is starting to be picky about what she wears and esp. what she eats...which is frustrating to me since Bub has major food issues.  One day she loves something and will not stop eating it, and 2 days later she will wrinkle her nose at it.  Yes she literally wrinkles her little nose.  It's hilarious...and I can't laugh while she does it.   But I want to.

Bub is currently obsessed with playing with water in the sink, pouring it into a container, then pouring from one container to another, like a mad scientist stereotype. it doesn't help that he giggles like mad while he is doing this.  after flooding our bathroom floor many times, we have limited him to the kitchen sink where we can at least keep an eye on him and avoid a floor flooding.  I would like this obsession to end, and of course it won't.

Bub continues to verbalize, he's getting better with answering yes/no questions.  He continues to say the first sound of words.  Joe and I are getting better at translation.  Today he hugged a random old man at church.  He doesn't do that.  I think the old man was put off by it.  what can I do?  he did good by being outgoing, he did bad by hugging someone do I teach in this moment?  yayee me.

here are some recent pictures...I am trying to be better about all this, but you know..I'm not really....

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