Wednesday, July 04, 2012

happy July 4th, and ode to my kidneys


This is the most awful thing I ever ingested.  ever.  and I of course am experiencing common and non-common side-effects.  yayee.

One thing that sucks about being a nurse?  Recognizing symptoms and the consequences of those symptoms quickly in myself- and jumping to worst case scenarios that must be ruled out QUICKLY!!

Thankfully, my CT scan showed no tumors anywhere in my pelvic regions, specifically my renal system.   I am the proud momma of kidney stones.  woohoo.

After talking to my parents, I discovered I have relatives on my paternal side that deal with this too.  So glad I get to share the love.  feh.

So I am still dealing w/ side-effects from my oral contrast...and they are NOT pretty side-effects.  I am hoping they will end soon since I am past 24 hrs from ingestion.

Meanwhile, Zbug is very clingy of momma, and Bub has a case of the giggles, as reported by Grandma.

SO--  Happy 4th of July!  Drink lots of water and be good to your kidneys!

(ps- happy anniversary to my parents!  love you!)


  1. was wonderin? what are the common uncommon side effects? i am to have a ct mon and am tryin to decide whether to use gastrografin or the smoothie stuff???any thoughts, ty and gald you got a good report! kj

  2. I had a _very_ bad headache that lasted well over 6 hours, and after a grace period of 4 hours after ingesting the stuff, endured about 30 hrs of hyperactive bowels. Not throwing up...the "other" thing. according to my Nursing books, constipation is more frequently a side-effect...I think I'm just "special" because I don't get the ordinary side-effects. lol I'm pretty sure I got a iodine-based contrast mainly because I have a strong sensitivity to shellfish, (but not an allergy) and head-aches and gastric issues follow shell-fish consumption for me. I know lots of people whose only side-effects were the BAD TASTE of the contrast itself. good luck, I hope yours goes well and you also get a good report but avoid my after-effects adventure. :)



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