Tuesday, July 31, 2012

crazy dreams

had the craziest dream to date: dreamt that my younger brother (aged around 16-17) slipped on some ice on my parent's driveway and hit the back of his head on a rock on the driveway island, then I had to convince my parents that he needed to go to an ER because his pupils were dilating weirdly and he wasn't fully orientated, as they took him to the hosp, I went to my current job, get a call from the ER in Burger Kind (??!!!??) that I needed to get my butt over there bc my parents wouldn't explain how Ross got that injury and CPS was called in and my parents called the CPS case worker a "gestapo nazi"
there is something really wrong with my head.   my brother is 37 and is a Marine stationed in Japan right now.  my parents would never accuse someone of being a gestapo nazi. and there would never be an ER in a Burger King.

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