Wednesday, May 09, 2012

words of the week

Zbug is starting to have the vocabulary explosion. Her new word that I am pushing  "please"...but she says /pa-layeea/  kinda...I am trying to get it phonically right in my description of her...but it has been nearly 20 years since I took forgive my excesses in my description of her cute attempts at pronunciation.  lol

Also cute from her is:  "Aye-min" after we pray,  "di-purrrr" when I tell her it's time to chop down the Zber tree, and "You Momma" but refusing to say her own name.  I also especially like hearing "NOOOO! No Nap!"  cuz it's funny when I tease her about it, but I really do wish she would just say "yes" to a nap every other day or so.

Too tire to share more.  loves to all.  :)

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