Tuesday, May 08, 2012

texas roadhouse

I kinda hate that I love a chain restaurant so much.   One thing I liked to take pride in was that Joe and I would search out little hole in the wall restaurants and out of the way places to find gems that were independently owned and spend our hard-earned monies on someone else who was earning it the hard way as well.

We have found a few really good independent restaurants here in smaller town TX, but I have to admit that I really really love texas roadhouse.

This is the story of my shame:

In my 1st year of nursing school, one of my very close friends got nominated/was self-nominated (I forget details) to chair our SNA fundraiser for March-of-Dimes.  This is a VERY dear cause for her and she did an AWESOME job getting it organized.  Being her friend and the secretary for the SNA, I was at the walk, with Bub,who was freaking out that there were so many people around him.
(sometimes autism rears it's ugly and fearful head no matter how you try to prepare for it)  Well, there was a small group of vendors moving thru the crowd, I think the roadhouse folks found me and Bub hiding near a tree while Bub was having an episode of inappropriate giggles with punching of the tree going on while I was trying to apply pressure to calm him.

I remember they asked if I needed help, No...I do this everyday (stress brings out my bad sarcasm...), then they tried to get Bub to give them a high five, which he did. then they offered me a free kids meal medallion, at first I refused it explaining that Bub was on a very special and limited diet and we really weren't able to take him to most restaurants because of his issues with Gluten and Casein.  they said they were able to make some thing from scratch if asked, and gave me a 2nd medallion.  I smiled my polite smile while thinking "dream on dude".  I threw the medallions in my silverware drawer.  they stayed there for over 2 years.

last October 31st Joe and I were trying to figure out what we could do cuz we don't do halloween.  (FYI- I do celebrate holidays...I just don't like halloween at all)  we were kinda broke (as always) and I remembered the free meal medallions.  By this time Bub is more able to handle gluten although his milk allergy is worse, I called the manager and talked about options for Bub and found out there were quite a lot as most people don't really want a lot of milk on their steaks.  (lol)  so we went, they let us reuse our medallions over and over, it's like there is no limit on them!!!  I love that we can eat there for under $30, and that $30 includes a VERY generous tip to the server that has to deal with Zbug's famous "tossing of the fries" and Bub's occasional screams when he messes up his Ipad.  Joe loves meat so he is happy.  the only catch for me is that we don't go on weekends.  Bub has a hard time when it is crowded, so we're typically there when they open at 4:30, usually on Mondays.  :)

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  1. So awesome when you can find a place where you can take your family with all their quirks and feel accepted. We have a place here at home that has always been so great to us. They make George a special pizza and so patient with everything.



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