Saturday, February 18, 2012

WOW! Thank you secret valentine! part 2

I am speechless at how thoughtful Ronja Zigler is.  completely.   Thank you SOOO much!
The pretty ring!

Fuel for my all things Gallifrey obsession!

Nicey-nice Eternity products & hand-sanitizer.  How did you figure out it's my fav?!?!?!?!

An awesome knitted sampler square

This is the BEST!  Like the Kit-Kat Commercial!!!!  LOVE IT

Do need to make a quick aside...I loved this so much I put it up on my fridge...however, Bub also liking the picture very much indeed somehow felt it necessary to sneak it off the fridge into his room where he felt he must add to the wonderfulness of this drawing by coloring in the first row of Dalek bumps.   Yeah, that's my Bub.  I have rescued this fab work of art and am now contemplating where I can display it w/o any chances of further embellishment.  lol-kinda.

Thank you so much, I have been in such a funk lately and your thoughfulness has really cheered me up.  :)



  1. ^_^ I'm so glad you liked it! Let me contact Overtock though and see if there is anything that can be done to get your ring properly sized. And I'm glad that Bub got some joy out of it too.

  2. No!! The ring is perfectly sized I just put it on halfway so it would photo better. :)

    Thank you again!!!

    1. Oh good! I'm so happy that I guessed right and that you think it's pretty. Happy Valentines Day and I'm so doing this again next year!



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