Wednesday, February 08, 2012

so where is the panic?

So the last three days I have been sitting up all night in my scrubs playing FF13 waiting for a call from work telling me there are enough sick kiddos in the hosp for me to work.  the last three days I have been on call.  Our unit has been on minimal staffing, which means, 1 charge nurse, and one PCT.  that's it.  me and another nurse have been just sitting at home, waiting to find out if we have to go to work or not.

I don't have enough PTO to cover this.

I am not panicking, and I don't know why I am not.  I am continuing to feel listless tho.

I told Joe we would pick up Turbo tax today and I'll do our taxes.  if it's like last year, we should be new dishwasher after all, cuz that's what we were thinking about getting with our refund.  (FYI- our current dishwasher is called "Nina and Joe"   It would be nice if our current dishwasher was called "Nina, Joe, and Bub", but all Bub does at the sink is play with bubbles and fill up cups with water of varying levels of volume.  ...and giggles.)

we also have to get new shoes for Bub, sometime yesterday he managed to rip the sole off the OUTSIDE of the shoe...we discovered this as he came home w/ a duct-taped foot.  the shoe was somewhere in the duct-tape.  Bub liked his shiny silver shoe and didn't want to take it off.  Z thought it was nice too.  Today Bub is sporting his 6month-ago shoes which thankfully are not TOO small for one day.  I don't think Bub gets PE, so he'll prolly be ok.

I am trying to get Zbug to count to two since she will be that old next week.  I can get her to point w/ one finger.  I can get her to verbalize "two"   (but it sounds more like "Towe")  I can't get her to do both fingers.  Bub gets frustrated with her lack of progress, he has figured out what I am doing.  (!!!!)  and he grabs little Z's hand and tries to make 2 of her fingers point up...which she doesn't like and then starts crying and bapping Bub which then concludes our little lesson for the day. 

Joe continues with his project: a chain-mail duster. (over-coat, trench-coat, whatever you want to call it.)  He shows me his progress everyday.  I can't lift this thing up anymore.  He says he's almost happy with the shoulders and collar.  He's as happy as a clam.  made me look at some clasps he wants to order for it when he's done.    I smile cuz he's happy.


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