Friday, January 20, 2012

useful applications of PALS around the home...

so today, Little Z gave momma a retro panic attack.  Why retro?  because I didn't have time to panic during the episode and the Nurse in me kicked into automatic without even thinking...

I made her sausage and fried potatoes for breakfast.  She wasn't really into the potatoes, but she was going nuts on the sausage.  Kept shoving small pieces in her mouth, and then forgot how to swallow correctly.

It was a classic episode of infant choking...hands to the neck, eyes watering, face getting red, no vocal output.  Didn't even blink, just pulled her out of the highchair and started doing the pediatric version of heimlech until there was a lovely spray of half-chewed sausage on the floor and a full volume of crying and wailing. 
after I checked her out and she was all smiles and dimples again, I allowed the panic to emerge.

anyone with small children:  take the time to learn Child & Infant CPR.  it is worth the small fee and day in a classroom setting to have the knowledge and instant reaction to a situation that could be absolutely heartbreaking.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"happiness prevails!"

(one of my favorite quotes from a villian)  lol

Found out yesterday my mom is going to visit us during Bub's spring break.  SO excited to have her with us for 2 I just have to wait for spring break.  Wish she could be here for Easter, but spring break and Easter don't coincide anymore.  (boo)

Other than that, I've just been keeping on keeping on.  Seems as if I've hit some kind of period of nothingness.  Just don't have the energy or desire to do anything beyond work and making sure the kids are fed on a timely basis...and not just chicken nuggets, hotdogs and ramen which is what they would eat constantly if Joe had his way (oy vey)  I'm trying to kick my own ass and get going, but it just doesn't seem to work.  I'm hoping to turn this around soon....I know Joe is starting to get flustered, and since Zber is turning 2 next month, I can't claim post-partum  blues...not that I would minimize that for ANYONE who suffers that, but it's kinda how I feel lately. 

anyhow, Bub is doing well w/ writing.  he's mastered his alphabet and name, we have at least 5 dry-erase boards for him now of different and varying sizes...but he is still managing to write on the walls.  at least we are able to clean them semi-easily... thank the Lord for whoever invented the magic erasers!! 

Z is enjoying a book we got out of a "Hooked on Phonics" kid (for Bub originally) called "Pop Pop POP!"  It's about ...popcorn.  surprise.  I even got her to say "pop" a couple of times yesterday.  yayee!

Loves and Nubs to all.


Monday, January 02, 2012

new year, and signs of empathy?

Happy New Year.  Sorry December posts lagged a bit.  Was dealing w/ 2 kiddo's that kept passing their tummy and resp. illnesses to each other and to me and Joe.  Plus working. Plus the everyday challenges of life w/ a toddler and a special needs Bub.  But Bub has been doing really well.  He's writing his alphabet correctly and independently, and his name, and number up to at least 30.  He very fascinated w/ writing right now.  It's very rewarding to see this as a parent.

Then there was yesterday morning.  Joe had an ingrown hair on his neck that was starting to look ookie.  I finally convinced him to let me "fix" it so it wouldn't get all infected and gruesome.  So I'm going at this w/ a tissue and tweezers (sterilized....)  and Bub comes in the room and sees me performing this "operation" on Joe and got really upset and tried to push me away from his daddy. If he was talking I'm sure he would have said, "Mommy, STOP hurting Daddy!  You're making him bleed!!!!"  We both tried to tell Bub that I wasn't hurting Daddy and that I was trying to make his boo boo better, but he ran off to his room very disturbed.  After I finished, I went and got 2 bandaids and asked Bub if he wanted to put a bandaid on Daddy's boo boo.  He did!  He put it on very carefully, and then decided he needed one too.  and the once Daddy was better w/ a bandaid, he completely cheered up.

It was really touching to see that he was worried about Joe, and wanted to help him.  Yayee for my Bub.  :)


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