Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SEE!!!! THIS is why I fear becoming a hoarder!!!!!

So two weeks ago while Bub was doing his horseback riding therapy, I was talking w/ one of the other moms there.  We were bemoaning how quickly the boys were growing and how people stop giving you hand-me-downs around 5 y/o.  Bub is older and considerably bigger than her boy, so I offered to give her some of his size 6 pants that he recently out-grew...not realizing I gave a bunch of them away already to my friend Crystal,  but not to freak home-organizational skills are so crappy, I was sure I'd find some more if I really looked around.  Sadly...I was right.

You see, this week has been really odd for us.  I have 1 shift left at my job before I change to PRN and start my new job on Monday, so It's kinda been like a "crap!  clean and organize the house NOW cuz it will prolly be MONTHS before I have this much time off again!!!!"  kind of week.  I've got the kitchen nearly completely scrubbed down.  Joe deep-cleaned the bathroom yesterday, and Bub's room today...I'm working on Bub's non-functional closet (mainly because we keep it locked so Bub can't poo on the floor in there....)  and my closet, so I find all these bags and boxes of clothes and start sorting.
2 small bags of baby boy clothes 3mo-1 y/o for a friend
2 small bags of size 6 boys pants/shorts for my horse-therapy-mom friend
2 HUGE bags of baby girl clothes 3mo-1yr  (goodwill unless I get a ref to someone nearby that needs/wants it)
1 HUGE bag of boy clothes 4T-6T

Sadly...I really haven't been keeping up w/ the kids clothes...Bub is nearly a size eight and I'm just clearing out the last of his size 4T stuff.  Tho, he did go from a size 5 last March to a nearly 8 this I should get a little credit??  oh well.  Z is over 18 months, but still is too small for most of her 2T I had to find that box and make sure it's ready for when she needs it.  I have a ton of clothes for her until she hits 5T, so I have to start hitting the walmart clearance racks for those sizes.  lol!  I got her Christmas dress for this year last May for a dollar.  I am so bad. 

And to make today even more fun, I verified when my insurance will end...before Bub can get a refill on his Risperidone.  I spent some time looking up the cost w/o insurance.  It's nearly $300 for a 30 supply.  BUT that's for the meltaways.  I can get the normal tabs for around $20 for 30 now we have to find out: Will bub take them?  I think he will as they are so SMALL....but I think I can get him to if I bribe him with candy afterwards....maybe...  At least I am crafty and even thought ahead and planned for this outcome.   

Due to this 2 month lapse in healthcare coverage (No WAY I can afford cobra), my MIL is trying to persuade me to get Bub on Social Security for disabilities so he can be on Medicaid/Medicare... I have really not wanted to do that yet.  It's like slamming the book down on at the end of a Good Friday Service.  I rationally know I will need to do that for Bub, but I made the decision not to do that until he's 10 just so my heart would have a glimmer of hope the autism diagnosis may be altered in some way.  Or at least his expected outcome would be more functional.  And I'm not saying he isn't functional...because he IS very functional, on an ADL level...but they don't test for those things....and those things don't make a difference on any paperwork or rating scale or anything "officially" clinical, just to me and those that deal with and work with Bub on a daily basis.  and that sucks for my little heart.  

So in the next few months or so, I will be detailing my heart-crushing adventures of applying for SS-disability for my son.  Let me know if you have any pointers if you have gone thru it...and I know...don't be discouraged if you are denied the first time...just keep applying and maybe get a lawyer....  sad.

*I was hoping to include pictures...but we still are having uploading issues with the "cheap" digital camera we got Bub for his birthday*  *sorry*

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  1. My husband was taking Risperidone and was cleared to get it straight from the manufacturer for free, and fairly quickly. You might want to look that up (prescription assistance) just in case.



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