Friday, August 12, 2011

sometimes you have to be brave

I chopped off my hair.  it's really short.  I like it, but am in shock a little over my daringness.  I typically am much more mild-mannered.  I was/am the "straight-man" to most of my daring friends. ( I tend to be drawn to daring people without being daring typically).   The one who said "ok guys, this is a BAD idea" and then proceeded to lock myself away from the naughtiness...mostly.  The few times in my life I have done something daring, I have always had positive things happen as a result, so I don't know why I shy away from that side of myself so often.  Maybe I don't want to push my luck?  and just save up all the chances for one big hurrah?  not sure, but I found it funny that most of my co-workers didn't recognize me until they saw me face on last night.  hee.  I guess you got to be shocking and unexpected every now and then just to keep people guessing.

before the chop

after the chop

*mommy moment*
Isn't my sweet Z photogenic?  awww....
*end mommy moment*


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