Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So I'm starting to get "concerned" w/ Z's dearthness of speech.  I hear "up", "Cat", "Bye bye" , "Ba-ba(bottle)", and "Da-da", and (bub's name), and some "mama"s every now and then.  This is really getting to me.  I've been spending a lot of time on vocal-type exercises with her...she just gets mad at me.  I've been reading more to her than normal...she gets bored and then mad when I don't let her wiggle away.  Joe tells me to calm down.  I try.  maybe my friend Shirley is right and I really am a pessimist at heart.  I always thought I was more a realistic person than pessimist, but maybe I was wrong.

I took Z shopping today, there was a special on formula at toys R us...well it was advertised, but I didn't see the offer in the store, AND they didn't have the right kind in stock...and it was WAY more expensive than if I went and got it at Target or my grocery instead I got her a potty, (she's been peeing pretty predictably right before a bath), a shape puzzle (to further help with speech exercises), and some batteries on sale (to power up the electronic speech-inducing toys for her to play with).  I also have drastically cut down on the TV being on in the house while she's up (Joe has taken refuge from the TV "ban" by watching stuff on the PC w/ his earplugs in while working on chainmail), and pulled out and cleaned up a bunch of books we used to use w/ Bub when he was about 3 y/o.
So at Toys R us, she was really happy with all the toys around her (of course), and we stopped and played with a few.  She played little miss mute at the counter, wouldn't even wave.  boo
Then to payless, and new shoes.  She REALLY liked finding shoes.  there was a really cute pair of ugg-like boot she really liked, but hell no if I'm spending $25+ on a pair of boot that won't fit her next month!  She can wait until she's 3.  really.  And Then she DID wave "bybye" to the lady at payless.  that made my heart really happy.
She loves the sneakers especially

Joe reported that she peed in the potty just before her after dinner bath.  yayee...that's a good thing I'm going to hold on to today.

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