Sunday, August 28, 2011

bub...didja HAVE to break my camera?

Yep, he got a hold of it the day he was "sick", cuz I was going to take a picture of him practicing writing while "sick" in bed, opened the door to the room, and find him bopping around his room instead, w/ no pants or underwear on and a big ol' puddle on the floor.

This part is my fault in this...I chased Bub to the bathroom and put down the camera  so I could clean him off while Joe took on the room/floor cleanup.  I promptly forgot about the camera btwn Bub doing a preemptive freakout in fear of momma secretly planning to give him a shampoo while in the bath (I wasn't planning it, but that's what he thinks...), and Zbear screaming because she's jealous Bub is in the tub, and I won't let her in the bathroom.

After bath and room detail, Bub finds the camera, quietly squirrels it into his room, turns it on and pushes the lense back into the camera while it is on...and breaks the gear that operated the lense.  Joe tried to fix it, but the gears were too fargone.

So I won't have pictures for a while.  boo.  Hopefully we will get a new camera around the 1st of the month.  I'm in digital photography withdrawl.  :(


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  1. :( my camera was submerged in the fish tank. I have yet to get one.



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