Saturday, July 02, 2011

meds for Bub continues

Like I said, we have a script for Risperidone for Bub, but we can't fill it yet (well, we could, but I can't I/D it) until after he gets his baseline labs drawn.  I'm a little frustrated with this currently.  After his appt on the 21st, I got super sicky and was not functional until that Friday after of course, Joe didn't call Bub's pediatrician (since that is the mommy/nurse job) *roll eyes*. So on Monday I called to ask whether we wanted to draw blood for Bub in the office while an unspecified number of us pinned him to the floor...or if they wanted to send us to a lab that has access to all sorts of wonderful restraining devices.  The RN I talked to (who I went to school with) sd she'd have to ask the MD.  ok, I figured that.

So it's Friday, again...and no one has called to let me know what the deal is.  So I call, start the story over again, am told I have to bring the script in before anything can be done.  ????
I already got the specialist's report in the mail...that means my reg Pediatrician did too.  In MY copy of the report it was stated that Bub needed a liver profile and FBS baseline b4 starting Risperdol...what more do you need to call me back to get things going?!?  I am seriously wanting to join in w/ Bub on the banging the head on the wall thing....maybe we can bang on each other's heads for a while....  SO I dropped off the script 1/2 hour before they close for the holiday weekend.  which means I prolly won't get Bub's labs drawn until the week of the 11th.  I'm a little flustrated about all this.  well a lot frustrated.  but I guess I will deal, what else can be done?

Me and Zbear played outside for a good while today before it got hot and before her nap (love that she still naps).  She insisted on eating dirt...twice.  apparently momma is not to be believed when momma sez dirt is nasty and ooky for the mouth.  maybe zber is convinced it's free chocolate waiting for whoever grabs it first?  well, that's what she acted like.


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  1. yeah, apparently this office's nurses aren't given the authority to write out the protocol and do it. I think I have been spoiled by that. lol!



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