Tuesday, June 14, 2011

windridge was canceled

Cuz Bub's instructor had to go home sick.  I hope she didn't get heat exhaustion, it's been dang hot around here lately.  & she's out in the most miserable heat walking around and dealing w/ horses (who get hot too).  I'll be hoping the best for her.  I think Bub only has one more week of windridge before they break for the summer.

I'm feeling pretty crappy today.  my fingers feel all puffy.  I'm thinking I got too much sodium yesterday.  I've been trying to drink a lot of fluids, but I guess I haven't had enough to flush out my system.  I've got wedding-ring indention big-time today.   That and I feel like I have a cotton head.  Joe is telling me to go back to bed, but then I'll just end up being awake all night again, and feel crappy tomorrow.  blah.

Z is now excelling at climbing all things we have put up to keep her from getting into mischief, at least she understands "no" and "down"  when she quiets I'll try to read her a story.  she has little patience to sit for a story.  it kinda worries me.


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