Monday, June 06, 2011


Sunday morning I was commenting to my relief that I felt like you do after being awake for 30+ hours.  that was before he passed and I stayed awhile longer after he had passed away so my relief's day wouldn't be completely messed up and his meds pass be excessively late.

then I started to go home, but stopped at my church first and prayed with my pastor.

then I stopped at burger King to get my family breakfast.

then Joe and I talked for a bit, but I really just wanted to be alone.  Watched the latest episode of Doctor Who...thought it was more far fetched than the Dalek reality-bomb sequence...but's Doctor Who, and Matt Smith is cool in bow-ties. 

Then I went to bed.  except for a few brief awakenings for bathroom and kool-aid, I just woke up about an hour ago.  I don't recall ever sleeping that much before unless I was super sick (w/ a fever over 103)

I'm trying to gear myself up to calling work to find out when the wake and funeral will be.  I'm not quite there yet.


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