Wednesday, June 08, 2011

my sad little garden.

it is composed of 2 tomato plants.  there were 3 originally, but one got crushed when I asked Joe to cover them on one of the last frost warning nites...I was at work.

Today Joe & Bub discovered my grape tomatoes had some red ones on it.  I was in shock.  I have done nothing for these troopers.  So in my guilt of neglecting the only plants I actually planted, I got some stakes up and propped up the 2 main branches off the ground.  then I picked the ripe ones...there were about 12, half are gone, I offered one to Bub, but he ran away.

He USED to like tomatoes.  I remember he stopped eating them around 3.5y/o.  I was never able to figure out why.  The only tomato product he will ingest is ketchup.  no spagetti sauce, no tomato sauce on the cabbage rolls, no tomato slices...definately NO salsa.

My poor boy, when he turned 2, we had a birthday party for him at my sister's before we moved down to TX.  somehow, Joe ended up giving him some jalapeno black beans, and the poor kiddo ate a jalapeno.  needless to say he doesn't eat beans either....  but he used to.  *sigh*

My other tomato plant is of the normal sized variety, and has 1 green tomato on it a little bigger than a golf ball.

Boy, am I a farmer in training or what?  lol


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