Saturday, June 11, 2011

1st day back is over

and it wasn't as traumatic as I feared.  Alyson took that section and I think that's what saved me from being a sob-baby today at work.  Night went well.  All my babies are good.  :)

Now I'm just waiting for the sun to rise all the way so I can take the kiddo's out in the back yard and let them run themselves out so Joe has a good morning.  I'd take them for a walk, but I fear Bub running off on me while I deal w/ a non-compliant walking Zb'er.  Wish I knew where Joe hid the camera.  boo.

Right now the munchkins are snuggled up together on the couch watching "Oso".  I hate this cartoon.  What ever happened to "Blue's Clues".  At least Steve was cute.  and he signed.  I liked that.  :)   But then I am a nerd.  lol

Off to make some breakfast.  Must get Zeebee some protein to aid in project "chub-out my Zbear"


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