Saturday, April 09, 2011

Taxes? What the ?????

That is my tax percentage.  NEGATIVE five point five.


I am no longer a poor student w/ a family eking by...I'm a professional, w/ a full-time job, with benefits, we're not rich, but we are doing ok... ... ...Why did I not only NOT have to pay any taxes, but got paid to not make enough money to pay taxes?  Really, I'm not griping, I just want to understand.

Someone explain to me how the poor and middle-class are overtaxed please.  I'm not buying it anymore at this point.

I am really starting to believe "the rich" are the only people who DO pay taxes...and that's not fair to them. 

I'm starting to be a believer of a flat tax.



  1. You have a family and you live in Texas, so perhaps that is why you don't have to pay taxes. Most of the people I know, with the exception of myself, had to pay this year. I don't know any rich people. I know very few well-off people. Most of the people I know define themselves as middle class, and while some of them are, most of them don't make enough money to be considered middle class anymore, of course part of that is because they don't have jobs. Life goes on though. Some people will pay taxes this year. Some won't. Just be thankful that you are one of the few that doesn't have to. Enjoy your refund!

  2. Texas doesn't have a State Income Tax, but we do have Federal Income Tax, Lisa. I don't think living in texas has anything to do with it. It may be bc we have kids???? dk...that's why I'm asking I guess.



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