Tuesday, April 05, 2011

nightmares- 1

Just woke up from a nightmare.  It was very distorted and jumbled.  it was one of those powerless dreams, but I wasn't really powerless b/c I was doing something...

We were in our trailer from Eau Claire (over 10 yrs ago)  I was in the living room on my laptop *which I've only had since '07* and my monitor was broken in half, but still attached and if I angled it right it worked.  but I would get...not shocks, but some kind of sensation when I touched the screen.  the phone ringed, and Joe answered it.  I was fussing w/ the screen and he told me it was for me.  I grabbed the phone and started telling who ever it was that I would have to call back before Bub or Z started messing with my PC,  then I realized there was no one on the phone, and my sister was standing right behind me.  I started crying, I was so happy to see her, I almost tackled her, but I made myself fall instead b/c I didn't want to chance hurting her w/ everything else going on.  so I fell w/ my head near my computer, and I smelled smoke.  and I saw smoke, and the room was suddenly dark and empty.  I couldn't figure out where the smoke was coming from, except my PC, but it was off, and no sign of fire.  i couldn't understand why the smoke alarm wasn't going off.  I got up and tried to turn the light on for the ceiling fan, but it wouldn't turn on even when I kept pulling the string.  In my dream I remembered that I already paid the electric bill this month so the power couldn't be turned off.  I started calling for Joe to come and help figure out the light and where the smoke was coming from.  I *you guessed it* had no voice.  I was trying to yell and couldn't and started panicking.

then I woke up.

I have never had a fire dream.  shadowy man in the bushes, yes.  Flooding dreams, yes.  being chased, yes.  weird science fiction type loss of air, yes.  Fire, no. 

I think there is something here that is significant. I'm not sure what.  I have a feeling it will become apparent in a few months if I look back at it from a hindsight kind of view.
well.  my heart rate has returned to normal now.  I'm going to get a drink and try to go back to sleep.


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