Saturday, April 16, 2011

1...2...3...NOT IT!

At my facility, on my wing, we have a few undisclosed number of call lights for the few undisclosed number of patients who are able to USE a call light and UNDERSTAND what they are doing.  (Not many Long -Term care facilities can boast of this WONDEROUS perk)  (lol).

So, It's really funny at night, because there are 3 Nurses, 4 CNAs (if everybody shows up), and 1 RT.  The minute a call light goes off, you can see all of us WHIP our heads towards the variously assigned undisclosed number of call lights...and tho you don't hear it...we are all screaming "NOT IT!" when it isn't our call light.

We're like prairie dogs popping our heads up to find out if we need to start freaking out if an eagle is comin' to get us.  Bwahahahah!

Of course, the Nurse/CNA who's section has the call-light going off soon has dejected shoulders and a quote of "REALLY?!?" because chances are, she/he just left the room less than 20 minutes ago.  (and yes there are days I participate in this ritual too.)

But to be fair, there are days the call-lights aren't going off in tandem, and the undisclosed number of patients with a call-light are being very nice and let us do our jobs in peace.  I love all my little patient "babies" (even the big ones), but sometimes these things make me laugh...after I'm finished being frustrated/mad because it's making it that much harder to finish all my work the the 12 hours I have...which isn't that much really between the med passes, treatments, paperwork, parent calls, calling for orders, verifying orders that seem jacked-up, pharmacy orders, lab reviews, restocking my cart/med room cause the last shift didn't stock as well as I would like them to have stocked, blah blah...see what I mean?



  1. I admire you so much for getting your degree and becoming a nurse! I think it's absolutely wonderful that you have figured out what you want to do in life, and now you're doing it. My question to you is, did nursing turn out the way you thought it would? I don't mean how you thought it would after you started school, I mean before you even decided where to go to school.

  2. I think so, I wasn't expecting to want to focus on special populations pediatrics, but it is what I found I love. I had thought I would be better equipped for psych-nursing...boy was i WRONG! I'd rather be in ER than psych, and I am NOT a trauma-loving RN.



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