Monday, March 21, 2011

So much for a quiet afternoon

We go to Lowes to get a lawn mower. Z gets overheated, her bottom half is as red as a lobster and she won't stop crying, we rush home and I plop her in a tepid bath, she's still crying, so I plop in w/ her, which makes her stop crying b/c seeing momma in the tub w/ all her clothes on is pretty funny to a baby, I guess....
so after a half hour of tepid bath, her color is normal again, 1/2 a bottle of pedialyte is down her gobbet, I hear Bub screaming/crying.

fun fun fun

Well, while I'm fixing up the Zbird, Daddy took Bub outside to play. Mr. Man thought stacking bricks on a pole was a smart thing indeed...until they fell on his back that is.
So now Bub is hurting, and crying, and hurling himself against the wall, floor, daddy, etc... I don't see any cuts or initial bruising on him, but he keeps pointing to an old scab on his arm...momma's not slow...he wants band-aids to make him better. 3 weeks ago I had to beg this kid to keep a band-aid on for more than 2 min. Now he wants them everywhere! So 2 on his back "Owies" and one on the old scab, and another one to join the one already on his thumb...and then Momma decides it's time to make him laugh, so I put one on his nose...I was right, it did make him laugh and he climbed up on the counter so he could see himself in the mirror. Then I got out 2 special "suckies" (tylenol meltaways- if I tell him it's medicine he won't eat it...if I tell him it's candy he'll try to sneak it, hence a special word that is neither one or the other....sigh)

Dinner consisted of peas and chicken nuggets and kool aid. Momma was too tired to do anything that would actually take effort...the kids loved it tho...yeah, thanks bupchiks.

I swear, they are already partners in crime, whatever one of them does, the other tries to top it. I am so toast in a few years....

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