Monday, March 21, 2011


Since it will be a LOOONG time before Joe & I can manage to save up anything near enough to buy a house, we rent. We're really lucky this time around, w/ the house we are renting. It's a two bedroom 1 bath, BUT it's on a HUGE property. I would be very surprised if it wasn't at least an one acre lot. and it has lots of tree (which I love), but a lot of oaks. phooey. I like the acorns, cuz Bub likes to collect them and count them, BUT the leaves don't come down til spring...sooo are you following me on this one? yep...they're just falling now...just when we almost finished getting all the fall leaves raked up. boo!

Add to that, I'm pretty sure most of the leaves we've been raking are NOT just from this last fall (we moved in Nov. '10), so we've been having burn-piles nearly every week since we moved in. It's getting kinda old.
and now to add to the leaf detail, pollen is everywhere, my green car has turned yellow once again.

LOL- I just remembered! One burn-pile a month or two ago, I had the "great" idea to have Bub and Joe toast some marshmallows, cuz Bub loves a marshmallow! well this great idea started to sour almost immediately. Bub snabs the marshmallow bag and runs off, so we have to chase him to get them back, and during the chase MANY marshmallows ended up inside bub. *surprise* then we finally get a marshmallow on a stick, Bub decides he's too afraid of the fire pit to toast it. *sigh* so Joe toasts it FOR bub, and brings it over to him. Mr. Man sees his nice white marshmallow has turned brown, touches it and it kinda sticks to his finger a little. he runs away. Joe tries to show him that he can eat it, but Bub has decided we are mental and will show no intent of eating the toasted marshmallow. meanwhile, we have wasted an hour and a bag of marshmallows for nothing. Oh, I love my life, lol.

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