Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Well...there it is.

Just finished a pharm quiz on anticoagulants...yayee.
So busy just now, it's driving me crazy.

Bub's getting over some wierd tummy virus that gave him diarrhea w/o a fever. I think Joe's next and me too if I'm not careful. I just keep eating my vitamins and plow on.

I have a HESI for foundations on Thurs (HESI is a hugely hard and crabby standardized test that we HAVE to get a 850 or higher on....bleah....) Next week I have pharm exam #6, Pharm lab practical, and Pharm HESI. BLEAH!!!

But! after that there is only finals and clinicals before Christmas break...so I need to hang on until then cuz the end is nigh.

Loves to you all!

PS- Mom & Dad, incase I don't get a chance to call this wk (studying vs sleeping) I got the apples and they are yummy! I was so glad you ran into Mike & Bobbi too! I hope you gave them a big hug for me!!!!!! NUBS!


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