Thursday, October 02, 2008

tired tired tired

very tired.
very very tired
SOOO tired...

I just read 7 chapters about cardiac & related drugs.
half of these drugs do 5 different things and the other half have the most bizarre names like fluortetrahydrocondithiaminephrenia
...ok, I'm exaggerating, but still....what the cob? who are these people who name this stuff?
They deserve to be locked up in a room filled with the most boring people for 1 week a year just to comprehend what mass confusion/frustration they have initiated with these drug names.

And in boring...I mean people like the insurance sales man in "groundhog day"... -that- kind of boring person. not dull necessarily...more like annoying but polite so you have no tangible reason to smack them in the face...EVEN THO you REALLY WANT know?

ok, my sleep deprived mind is jumping off at the deep end. I think to sleep, perchance to dream would be an excellent idea for this student nurse.....

Nitey nite.

PS- Bub starts the horseback riding therapy next week! YAYEE!

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