Friday, September 19, 2008

one more week done

4 weeks into this adventure of becoming an RN and I am already POOPED!
Not to mention the lack of electricity this week due to IKE wiping out East Texas.

I have 2 tests done, that I got very high B's on (yayee!)
I have passed my skills checks for:
hand washing
isolation protocols
Vital stat taking (B/P, pulse, respiration)

I must be ready to display my knowledge of client movements on monday as well as be tested on 6 classes of drugs.

OY! I got a LOOOOONG weekend ahead of me.

BTW- BUB is 4 today!
4 yrs ago , I was in a hosp not able to stand yet from the spinal tap and trying to figure out how me and Joe would do this parent thing.
I think we've figured out a good portion to start with so far *winks*

g-nite folks!


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