Saturday, September 06, 2008

the bird that starts with the letter "X"

hey Mom,
I found the bird that starts with the letter "x", it's a xenops.

I put in a link for more info on them, it's kinda cute & I will prolly send you a copy. (click on the title of today's blog to go there)

well, today Dorlaine was braver than I am, she took Bub AND Cousin "K" to the movies!!!!
(she let me stay home & study, which I am REALLY greatful for!!!)

They went to see "kung-fu panda"
I made snack packs for them as Bub is not able to eat movie theater foods being gfcf and all...
They had gfcf popcorn, jelly-beans, lollies, and some parve kosher taffy I found that stated it was gluten free!!!

they didn't make it thru the whole 90-min movie tho, Dorlaine reported that they both got antsy and sticky within an hour, so they left early...which was ok, b/c Cousin K had already seen it, ("It's a good movie auntie Nina, there isn't any bad's PG!!! REALLY!") (hehehehe) and bub was sticky... Sticky Bub is never a fun Mr. man....he gets crabby about being sticky after a while....

Also, Bub got his jumbo raisins today....for once he has solid BM, but they are TOO solid. Poor guy, he's freaking out every time he sees the wipey comin for to clean him up. *sigh* Hopefully the "jumbo raisins" will clear him up and he will have normal poop for a while....if not he sees his Dr on the 19th and I will insist that running some tests on his GI track may be a VERY good idea...if his Dr. doesn't agree, I'll get his endocrinist to listen to me....

Ah, the love of medical stuff. I need to get some of my teachers to advise me on how to get my doctors to listen to me & believe I know what I am talking about.....

need to study for another hour or so! Loves to all!

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