Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday 08/30

original title, eh?

Just proud to say the only thing left due on Tuesday that I haven't done is the client history form...I should have that done tomorrow after I call my Dad...cuz he's cool like that.

I finished reading all the Tuesday requirements, it took like 3 or 4 sessions b/c mr. man kept deciding he needed his momma today. He had some pretty BIG sensory issues today. woke up with night terrors last night...since he can't tell me what they were about, I try to guess, but can't.
Hopefully he will sleep well tonite.

Tomorrow I will do the study guides for the chapters I read, then I will start the readings due on Wednesday & review the readings I did last week... *whoosh!*

Reminder...I need Mom to walk me thru the prep work for the eggplant caviar recipe...I tried it & it was all wonky so I tossed it before finishing because it looked disasterous!

let's see if I can find a recent pict of bub for us all....

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