Friday, August 15, 2008

Man alive

So I just bought my books and supply bag for my nursing program....$779.94.

Can you believe it? I got 12 books, 2or 3 CD thingies, and a bag full of catheter trays, syringes, fake "IV" solutions (read the fine print and you will find they contain either non-sterile water or isotonic salt water) and some IV drips. I still have to buy a stethoscope, scrubs, shoes, watch, arm-pressure thingy (is it a manometer?).
Also,I have to get CPR certified, get a TB scratch test, and get my last booster for hep B.
Finally, I have to go register at some "evolve" site that allows me to access all my books online from any PC, so that is pretty cool, I just have to do it. *sigh*
Yikes. So much to do.

on the plus side....I discovered a homemade chicken nugget that Bubbie likes. :)
Dorlaine has helped me overcome my fear of deep frying, and if I coat cooked chicken in a mix of rice and corn flour with salt, pepper, and soy milk (I just eyeballed it) it cooks really fast and is quite yummy with honey (or so says the speed in which it was eaten by mr Man)

Loves to all! I had a great visit and miss you all already!


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