Friday, August 29, 2008

Brain fry

THIS, THIS is my upcoming week....

Sept. 1-5 outline
9/1- no class, labor day
9/2 DUE:
Pharm Lab: p. 53 & 73 complete
830-1130 Client history form
Math quiz in class
Read Mulholland 1, 2, 3
Found Lab: Clinical check-off- gloves, hand-washing, iso prep & deprep (blue folder)
1230-1530 Drug bios (blue folder)
Read Harkreader: 95-112, 138-145, 177-181, 826-859
Read Elkin: 124-131, 257-264, 297-303
Quiz in class
Bring supply bag
9/3 DUE:
Clinicals: Read Harkreader 113-137
700-1100 Read Elkin 230-256
Bring steth & arm cuffs (vital signs)
Crit. Thinking learning styles website exercise (bring with)
1200-1500 4-circle worksheet
Castillo: ex. on p. 77-78
9/4 Due:
Pharm Lect: Review Lilley chpt. 1-5
930-1130 Read Lilley chpt. 6-9
Found Lect; Review Harkreader: chpt. 1-2
1230-1530 Read Harkreader: chpt. 3,4,&5

Yayee me.....

Currently, I have 9/2 Pharm Lab work done....
and I have started on my drug sheets, but I am not sure I am doing them right.

Most of me is thinking....Do the best you can, just get it done and you will know EXACTLY what they want next time once you see the corrections....

The small, but internally vociferous perfectionist part of me is screaming "MUST GET IT PERFECT THE 1ST TIME &%^%&$*#&%$*!!!!!"

So I am in conflict & having a hard time focusing on it. I keep flopping my book down, and then sighing deeply & picking it up again & screwing up my forehead in concentration only to rinse, repeat.

To break the viscous cycle, I decided to hide out here for a few min and have my moment of pitiness. ... ... is that a word??

I am thinking about removing the slide show I have of bub on my sidebar of my PC because I find myself getting distracted by the cuteness of bub....oh! tHERE Goes the lollipop picture! Bub LOVES him a lolly. There is not much that kid won't do for a lolly.
Anyhoo...this is how I procrastinate...
At least it's semi-entertaining for some of the people that love me....

(wistful hope)

i need to go back and finish the Asprin write up. I finished the Acetaminaphen already. Once asprin is done I only have 3 more left.

OHHHH! really quick and cute!!!
Yesterday, me n Mr. Man went grocerying, and while in the check-out line, bub was looking at the tabloid covers and kept pointing at one with some actress and her baby, so I said, "Yes bub, that's a do you say baby with your hands?" (I ask him stuff like that all the time with out HUGELY expecting a response) would you know it? my little man signed "baby" with out me modeling it for him at all. he then spent the next 2-3 min pointing at the baby, laughing, and signing "baby"....

Is that awesome or what?

Really I gotta finish that aspirin sheet...I only have the drug interactions/incompatiblities and Nursing interventions left....I did the rest....*sigh*

NUBS a fried neebs.

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