Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Last comment for the day---I promise...really

Just wanted to share some recent bub accomplishments...

- bub is helping me set the table by putting bundles of silverware at the right place setting when I ask him to and give him the silverware...

-building round and square structures instead of only towers and lines

-Bub LOVEs to help me make his bed in the mornings, he jumps up on the bed and helps me "tuck-tuck" the blanket and sheets under the mattress

-spins like a ballerina when he holds your pointer finger over his head.

-Only daddy can cut his hair...and only mommy can get him to pick up his room

-will shake hands when asked. :)


Jello (c) subsitutes!

As some of you know, I do not trust any kraft (c) product to be GF or CF. Every brand that kraft(c) makes that I have inquired about is NOT GF or CF even if there is NO allergen disclaimers. SO...since Kraft(c) makes Jello (c) brand, and Knox, and prolly most other off-brands are made in the same plants (cuz that's how food manufacturing works) I cannot use normal grocery-store gelatin for bub...which is crappy as he LOVES him some fruit-flavored gelatin dessert.
SO- thanks to my wonderful local healthfood store I have found a gelatin brand that is completely CF (and absolutely kosher too) (not that it matters, but hey...no big whoop) discuss...
It is called Great lake gelatin. I'll get a picture in when I do some editing.....

Anyhow...I've been making it w/ juices, and bub likes it...but I see him eying the jello-cups in the grocery stores when we go together...then out the blue my brain just started working again after my 4th week after my crazy semester+ ended...


I am a moron for not thinking about it...and you know why I thought of it??

****nerd disclosure****

I was watching food network, the semi-homemade show, she has this crock-pot dessert thingy that looked good using canned fruit and cake mix. I started thinking about how I used to love making doctored cakes and how it's hard to do it GFCF sometimes (esp when chocolate is involved), and I was thinking about the jello cakes that were always so pretty....and out of the blue the thought that kool-aid would prolly work in a pinch for coloring cake batter, that I could use strawberry kool-aid to make a strawberry cake out of the Namaste cake mix I use that IS GFCF...and BOOM-why don't I use kool-aid to make "normal" jello instead of just juice jello?

Changes to the above recipe...
=1 pkg Namaste vanilla cake mix

=used smart balance lite (which is parve kosher...NO DAIRY at all so it can be consumed with
beef for those who follow kosher dietary laws...however for those of us wanting to ensure no dairy products are contained in the product....Parve is our friend)
=omit oatmeal *considering using Enjoy life's cinnamon "granola" next time
=used chopped almonds instead of slivered

How sad is it that even my own thoughts are rambly?

- it works fine... I made the blackcherry mixed with jellied cranberry. it took a bit longer to set than normal, but it set well. I am still working on the proper ratio of gelatin to liquid tho...I typically either make jiggler-type jello or it's not quite firm enough and bub squishes it onto his shirt on the journey to his mouth.

orange jello (Orangello & Le Mongello) (say it fast) (8/19)

I go to bed now.

GFCF noodle casserole recipe

GFCF version of my mom's noodle casserole..finally perfected & the non-gfcf members of my family like it too! :)

6-8 servings

1 box supergrain quinoa pasta (bub likes the pagota shaped ones, but you can get shells, macaroni, curls, - just not the spagetti)

1 bag frozen mixed vegetables

1 lbs owens or jimmy dean frozen sausage (regular or sage) -both are GFCF!!!

1/2 onion

2 celery stalks

2 tbsp tomato paste

1 14 oz can diced tomato

1/4 c. ketchup

1 tsp olive oil

salt & pepper to taste

Cook pasta & frozen vegetables and drain, set aside
Dice onion & celery and saute in 1tsp olive oil, add sausage & brown
Add diced tomatos, tomato paste & ketchup
mix thoroughly
add pasta/veggie mix & stir
season to taste

since I originate from staunch lutheran country...how could I NOT have a version of THE standard potluck entree?!?!

Love to all- N


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