Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This makes me so mad.

If you have time, and this is something you care about, please click the link and send the letter out. You can add your own comments to the letter as well.

Thanks. N

Demand an apology from CBS

People with autism are not "retards"

Last week on an episode of the CBS program "Big Brother" cast member Adam Jasinski referred to people with autism as "retards." This dehumanizing language is unacceptable. When Don Imus used racially callous language on his program CBS executives Leslie Mooonves and Sumner Redstone issued an apology, fired Imus and cancelled his show. We call up Mr. Moonves and Mr. Redstone to issue an apology to people with autism and other developmental disabilities, fire Adam Jasinski, and cancell Big Brother.
Please click on the links below and send an email to Mr. Redstone and Mr. Moonves and please forward this message to friends and family.


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