Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Well...there it is.

Just finished a pharm quiz on anticoagulants...yayee.
So busy just now, it's driving me crazy.

Bub's getting over some wierd tummy virus that gave him diarrhea w/o a fever. I think Joe's next and me too if I'm not careful. I just keep eating my vitamins and plow on.

I have a HESI for foundations on Thurs (HESI is a hugely hard and crabby standardized test that we HAVE to get a 850 or higher on....bleah....) Next week I have pharm exam #6, Pharm lab practical, and Pharm HESI. BLEAH!!!

But! after that there is only finals and clinicals before Christmas break...so I need to hang on until then cuz the end is nigh.

Loves to you all!

PS- Mom & Dad, incase I don't get a chance to call this wk (studying vs sleeping) I got the apples and they are yummy! I was so glad you ran into Mike & Bobbi too! I hope you gave them a big hug for me!!!!!! NUBS!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TMBG moment

"Life's just a mood ring we're not allowed to see."

That is all.


Thursday, October 02, 2008

tired tired tired

very tired.
very very tired
SOOO tired...

I just read 7 chapters about cardiac & related drugs.
half of these drugs do 5 different things and the other half have the most bizarre names like fluortetrahydrocondithiaminephrenia
...ok, I'm exaggerating, but still....what the cob? who are these people who name this stuff?
They deserve to be locked up in a room filled with the most boring people for 1 week a year just to comprehend what mass confusion/frustration they have initiated with these drug names.

And in boring...I mean people like the insurance sales man in "groundhog day"... -that- kind of boring person. not dull necessarily...more like annoying but polite so you have no tangible reason to smack them in the face...EVEN THO you REALLY WANT TO....you know?

ok, my sleep deprived mind is jumping off at the deep end. I think to sleep, perchance to dream would be an excellent idea for this student nurse.....

Nitey nite.

PS- Bub starts the horseback riding therapy next week! YAYEE!

Friday, September 26, 2008

crow pie

After being chastized by my big-little bro for mentioning that I miss Dawn's blogging updates, I realized I had been somewhat neglectful of my own...so I had better put something up PDQ (or since I have to use medical abbreviations...."STAT and prn")

Well, I'm still sitting w/ a high B average that the OCD part of me is very unhappy with, but the realistic part of me (the part that actually wants more than 4 hours of sleep a night) is QUITE happy with.

I got invited to join Phi Theta Kappa, the 2-yr college version of Phi Beta Kappa...so I s/b pretty darn happy that I'm getting a B and retaining my sleep and sanity.

I realized that doing my reading via computer is NOT a good fit for me. I am not able to read as quickly and I don't retain as much as when I use my actual book. However, I do VERY well taking notes in class ON my computer, since I can type fast, have good accuracy, and don't need to look at my fingers now that I am used to typing on a smaller than standard keyboard
(Boy am I GLAD I never liked having long fingernails)

Because of HIPPA laws, I am not able to write or talk about my actual clinical experience, and no I will not make exceptions because I really don't like the idea of being fined outrageous amounts of money and possible criminal consequences...so I will just say, I felt silly....I felt like I didn't do enough, I felt like I should have taken more charge and did less pussy-footing...but I was nervous, and I didn't want to be too intrusive.
Then while reflecting on the experience as I did my HOUR DRIVE BACK TO SCHOOL *huff* I decided that if I am afraid of being intrusive, I need to get over it, cuz if I'm not being "intrusive" I could end up really hurting someone thru lack of care or negligence, so I HAVE to get over it.
What's really hard for me, is that I am not a very good chit-chatter-er, so I have to get better at that to help me create a level comfort and trust, esp if I'm going to be doing a lot of ...well, what I had to do.... use your imagination. :p

Well, back to studying for my Monday test. (yes, there is a major test EVERY monday)

Loves to all! Neebs!

Friday, September 19, 2008

one more week done

4 weeks into this adventure of becoming an RN and I am already POOPED!
Not to mention the lack of electricity this week due to IKE wiping out East Texas.

I have 2 tests done, that I got very high B's on (yayee!)
I have passed my skills checks for:
hand washing
isolation protocols
Vital stat taking (B/P, pulse, respiration)

I must be ready to display my knowledge of client movements on monday as well as be tested on 6 classes of drugs.

OY! I got a LOOOOONG weekend ahead of me.

BTW- BUB is 4 today!
4 yrs ago , I was in a hosp not able to stand yet from the spinal tap and trying to figure out how me and Joe would do this parent thing.
I think we've figured out a good portion to start with so far *winks*

g-nite folks!


Saturday, September 06, 2008

the bird that starts with the letter "X"

hey Mom,
I found the bird that starts with the letter "x", it's a xenops.

I put in a link for more info on them, it's kinda cute & I will prolly send you a copy. (click on the title of today's blog to go there)

well, today Dorlaine was braver than I am, she took Bub AND Cousin "K" to the movies!!!!
(she let me stay home & study, which I am REALLY greatful for!!!)

They went to see "kung-fu panda"
I made snack packs for them as Bub is not able to eat movie theater foods being gfcf and all...
They had gfcf popcorn, jelly-beans, lollies, and some parve kosher taffy I found that stated it was gluten free!!!

they didn't make it thru the whole 90-min movie tho, Dorlaine reported that they both got antsy and sticky within an hour, so they left early...which was ok, b/c Cousin K had already seen it, ("It's a good movie auntie Nina, there isn't any bad parts...it's PG!!! REALLY!") (hehehehe) and bub was sticky... Sticky Bub is never a fun Mr. man....he gets crabby about being sticky after a while....

Also, Bub got his jumbo raisins today....for once he has solid BM, but they are TOO solid. Poor guy, he's freaking out every time he sees the wipey comin for to clean him up. *sigh* Hopefully the "jumbo raisins" will clear him up and he will have normal poop for a while....if not he sees his Dr on the 19th and I will insist that running some tests on his GI track may be a VERY good idea...if his Dr. doesn't agree, I'll get his endocrinist to listen to me....

Ah, the love of medical stuff. I need to get some of my teachers to advise me on how to get my doctors to listen to me & believe I know what I am talking about.....

need to study for another hour or so! Loves to all!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Week 2 done

I am now officially CPR certified, for adults, children & infants.

I spent 1/2 hr lab time practicing ROMs today (range of motion)
Me & a classmate started singing "neck, elbow, wrist & hands;wrists & hands" to the tune of "head, fingers knees & toes" to help us remember which joints need to be hyperextended.

I keep wanting to say "exsistential" instead of extension..... is that weird or what?

let's see if I can do the list by memory:

lateral flexion
side to side

internal rotation
external rotation





internal rotation
external rotation


dorsal flex
plantar flex


I have to name each movement as I do it and name the joint it's for.

I need to know that I need to do ROM w/ clients 3-4 times a day, both sides of body, 5 reps on each joint.

I need to know that I have to support the joints while I am doing the ROMs

That, PLUS a test on 8 chapters in pharmacology on monday.....

Not mentioning what is due on Tuesday...hi-ya.....


Monday, September 01, 2008

I just want to say that I am tired

I did figure out how to type an outline on my MS word while reading the textbook that is on my computer. (no book to PC, PC to book...it's all electronic baby....)

(Mom is prolly thinking ..."Oy! The machina!!!!" *insert bizarre ukie expression like...."may a pickle grow out of your nose," or "you wear the shoe of a dog"*)

I'm glad I opted for a wide screen laptop.

I'm almost used to the smaller keyboard...I'm not having as many typos as I initially did.


Do not read a chapter without outlining it at the same time....this will save you time, effort, and sanity....in theory anyhow...


Bub wasn't as off today as he was yesterday...but he was a tired and crabby little guy. Dorlaine suggested that he might be tired b/c he's afraid to sleep after the nightmare he had 2 nights ago...I think she may be right....but warm soy milk, baby einstein number's nursery, and pooh-bear lullaby's player got him asleep around 8:38 (that's when I was able to sneak out of his room).
I tried bring bub up to the alter during the children's message during church today. He wasn't as disruptive as usual...I'm still debating whether or not to participate with the children's message. Bub seems to distract the other kids from what Pastor Coleman is saying....yet, sometimes I think Bub is trying to follow along, but just can't focus long enough to get engaged. I try to help by signing main words to bub, and try to get him to sign along...it's only minimumly helpful...

It's so hard to know what to do to balance what I think (hope) Bub needs spiritually, and the needs of the rest of the congregation....BUT, Bub is a hit when it's time to share the peace, cuz he LOVES to shake hands & give occasional hugs to random people.

I'm going to bed now.

Love you all!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday 08/30

original title, eh?

Just proud to say the only thing left due on Tuesday that I haven't done is the client history form...I should have that done tomorrow after I call my Dad...cuz he's cool like that.

I finished reading all the Tuesday requirements, it took like 3 or 4 sessions b/c mr. man kept deciding he needed his momma today. He had some pretty BIG sensory issues today. woke up with night terrors last night...since he can't tell me what they were about, I try to guess, but can't.
Hopefully he will sleep well tonite.

Tomorrow I will do the study guides for the chapters I read, then I will start the readings due on Wednesday & review the readings I did last week... *whoosh!*

Reminder...I need Mom to walk me thru the prep work for the eggplant caviar recipe...I tried it & it was all wonky so I tossed it before finishing because it looked disasterous!

let's see if I can find a recent pict of bub for us all....

Friday, August 29, 2008

Brain fry

THIS, THIS is my upcoming week....

Sept. 1-5 outline
9/1- no class, labor day
9/2 DUE:
Pharm Lab: p. 53 & 73 complete
830-1130 Client history form
Math quiz in class
Read Mulholland 1, 2, 3
Found Lab: Clinical check-off- gloves, hand-washing, iso prep & deprep (blue folder)
1230-1530 Drug bios (blue folder)
Read Harkreader: 95-112, 138-145, 177-181, 826-859
Read Elkin: 124-131, 257-264, 297-303
Quiz in class
Bring supply bag
9/3 DUE:
Clinicals: Read Harkreader 113-137
700-1100 Read Elkin 230-256
Bring steth & arm cuffs (vital signs)
Crit. Thinking learning styles website exercise (bring with)
1200-1500 4-circle worksheet
Castillo: ex. on p. 77-78
9/4 Due:
Pharm Lect: Review Lilley chpt. 1-5
930-1130 Read Lilley chpt. 6-9
Found Lect; Review Harkreader: chpt. 1-2
1230-1530 Read Harkreader: chpt. 3,4,&5

Yayee me.....

Currently, I have 9/2 Pharm Lab work done....
and I have started on my drug sheets, but I am not sure I am doing them right.

Most of me is thinking....Do the best you can, just get it done and you will know EXACTLY what they want next time once you see the corrections....

The small, but internally vociferous perfectionist part of me is screaming "MUST GET IT PERFECT THE 1ST TIME &%^%&$*#&%$*!!!!!"

So I am in conflict & having a hard time focusing on it. I keep flopping my book down, and then sighing deeply & picking it up again & screwing up my forehead in concentration only to rinse, repeat.

To break the viscous cycle, I decided to hide out here for a few min and have my moment of pitiness. ... ... is that a word??

I am thinking about removing the slide show I have of bub on my sidebar of my PC because I find myself getting distracted by the cuteness of bub....oh! tHERE Goes the lollipop picture! Bub LOVES him a lolly. There is not much that kid won't do for a lolly.
Anyhoo...this is how I procrastinate...
At least it's semi-entertaining for some of the people that love me....

(wistful hope)

i need to go back and finish the Asprin write up. I finished the Acetaminaphen already. Once asprin is done I only have 3 more left.

OHHHH! really quick and cute!!!
Yesterday, me n Mr. Man went grocerying, and while in the check-out line, bub was looking at the tabloid covers and kept pointing at one with some actress and her baby, so I said, "Yes bub, that's a baby...how do you say baby with your hands?" (I ask him stuff like that all the time with out HUGELY expecting a response) would you know it? my little man signed "baby" with out me modeling it for him at all. he then spent the next 2-3 min pointing at the baby, laughing, and signing "baby"....

Is that awesome or what?

Really I gotta finish that aspirin sheet...I only have the drug interactions/incompatiblities and Nursing interventions left....I did the rest....*sigh*

NUBS a fried neebs.

Monday, August 25, 2008

one midnight gone!

real quick cuz I am tired and already feeling brain-fried.

1st day was good. I'm glad I have pharmacology in the am CUZ the room is SUPER hot in the afternoons!
I have a quiz tomorrow.....on 2 chapters.
I know the 1st chapter really well, but my brain began to fuzz out on me during the 2nd one, still I got all but 3 of the review questions done with very minimal double checking. I left 3 undone for tomorrow b/c I'm not sure where in the chapter I will find the info & I am too tired OF it to do it now,...

Love you all!
PS- Bub had a GREAT day..

quote from his teacher

"He stayed in his assigned area and did not need to be removed from group at all"

Flippin' beautiful! Seriously! :)


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last day of freedom...for the next 16 mo. anyhow..

On the eve of starting Nursing school, I'm actually feeling pretty relaxed & ready to go to bed. (It's about 11:15pm)
I am going to be getting up at 5am tomorrow...not for me however, for BUB.

As always, no one in the school system is able to let me know bub's bus route # nor what time the bus will come. As I missed the bus on the 1st day of ESY, bub and I will be in the front room waiting for the bus no later than 6am. I'm excited because bub and I will be able to watch PBS mr. rogers! "It's such a good feeling to know you're alive....it's such a happy feeling (sing with me) you're growing inside...."


Joe has the day off in case of any Bub emergencies on the 1st day of school. So I am not stressing out for once. (can you believe it?)

I have all my laundry washed and put away (except 1 load currently in the dryer), bub's room has been cleaned and reorganized. Bub's breakfast, Lunch and snack are all packed & in the fridge, his backpack is ready...

I think I shall go off to bed now..... love to all!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mr Man's Chicken nuggets

As some of you know, Bub will only eat 2 kinds of meat....ground beef with ketchup (this includes cabbage rolls and meatloaf) and chicken nuggets. Now, He has not had chicken nuggets since we went gluten free last October and nearly all commercial chicken nuggets have gluten and/or casein in them. I did find one brand, Ian's. My healthfood store and albertson's carries it, but it is $5.00+ for 8 nuggets. ARGH! I don't have that kind of moolah for chicken nuggets.... :(

Then, as I mentioned in a previous post, One of the many wonderful things Dorlaine has done for me is help me overcome my fear of deep frying at home. So now I can MAKE chicken nuggets for my bub very inexpensively. Here's how!

-3 cooked chicken breasts cubed into bite sized pieces (If they are bigger, bub will only eat the breading....grrrr)

-1 c. GF cornmeal/corn flour

-1/2 c. brown rice flour

salt and pepper to taste

1/2 - 1 c. soy (rice) milk

Stir flours, seasonings and milk substitute well.
Add chicken to coat.
Fry in 2 in. oil in batches for 2-3 min.
Drain well.

if you allow the nuggets to drain well and cool thoroughly, you can freeze them in a baggy and they won't stick together, so you can grab a handfull to nuke as needed.

PS- use the remaining batter to make hush puppies (bub loves 'em)

I think I might try doughnuts soon.....



Friday, August 22, 2008

1st day and already feeling overwhelmed....

So, I had nursing school boot-camp day #1 today. The whole day was in a nutshell...

" This is going to be hard as hell. You better study....we're going to make sure you study your A** off ... we're going to be SOOOO in your business with ALL kinds of support systems in place to make sure you study....so you better study....."

I'm not kidding. I am exaggerating a bit....no one actually used any profanity at all today. but the rest is pretty dead on.

I have a web site that I have to study on, and it tracks what I will do, and how long I spend doing it for at least one of my instructors....

I have loaded all my books onto my laptop and I can access all my textbooks online so even if I forget a book at home, I can read it if I have my laptop or even access to a public computer.

I had to figure out how to make an exception to my firewall to get that feature to work.

But I am excited....like Red riding hood in "into the woods"...."excited and scared" ....remember.... "nice is different from good."

I expect I am tired.

BUT!!!! One of my classmates is going to give me a few contact names of semi-local speech therapists! Yayee! I hope one of them will work out to have bub get extra speech therapy beyond what he will be receiving in school.

Anyhow....love to you all...from a very tired nina....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

blog editing

So I spent my blogging time editing and adding pictures....

now I am out of blogging time....

heck...here's a few more pictures! :)



Monday, August 18, 2008

Awesome pie!

Bub and Daddy sharing the last piece...nicely! (Bub isn't grubbing it...unbelievable)

(click the title for a link to the recipe)

Make this pie...even if you aren't vegan or gfcf....it is that freaking good....seriously.

It is so easy & it is a non-bake pie.

If you want it to be GFCF here are my very SLIGHT alterations to the recipe....

"graham cracker crust"
1/2 c. melted vegan margarine..make SURE it has the parve kosher sign on it.
2 c. ground "Envirokids" cereal, I used the chocolate krispy kind, but I think the peanut butter
panda kind would also be nummy.
Mix together, press into pie plate and bake 8 min at 350.

continue w/ recipe

I used tropical Source semi-sweet chocolate chips for this recipe, but enjoy life semi-sweet mini-chips would work to. I don't know of any other chocolate I can use that has absolutely no dairy in it.

(This is the bar of chocolate almond...don't have a pic of the chips yet tho)

As for the pretzels...I dipped my gluten-free ener-g pretzels in melted choco, which proved very nummy!

EVERYONE loved this pie...me, Dorlaine, Joe, bub, Great grandma Louise, And (drum roll), Ken.
Of course, Dorlaine advised me not to promote the fact that tofu is the main ingredient of this pie...

I am making 2 of these for the next church potluck, that's how good this is!


what the cob?

So, Myspace has been down, or I can't connect with it.

I don't know what the deal is, but it's rather annoying.

At least youtube is still up...OH.>>>

I have to post this...I know it is wrong, but I pee my pants every time I watch it!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I will most likely be flamed for this, but....

I think Rihanna looks like Prince in this photo....

It's not a bad thing....it's not like I think she looks like John Malkovich.....or that oliver kid from brady bunch.....

Prince is pretty cool... I wouldn't be upset if I looked like Prince...but Joe says he would be pretty upset if I looked like Prince...so I guess it's good to be a girl....

Nubs! N

Friday, August 15, 2008

Man alive

So I just bought my books and supply bag for my nursing program....$779.94.

Can you believe it? I got 12 books, 2or 3 CD thingies, and a bag full of catheter trays, syringes, fake "IV" solutions (read the fine print and you will find they contain either non-sterile water or isotonic salt water) and some IV drips. I still have to buy a stethoscope, scrubs, shoes, watch, arm-pressure thingy (is it a manometer?).
Also,I have to get CPR certified, get a TB scratch test, and get my last booster for hep B.
Finally, I have to go register at some "evolve" site that allows me to access all my books online from any PC, so that is pretty cool, I just have to do it. *sigh*
Yikes. So much to do.

on the plus side....I discovered a homemade chicken nugget that Bubbie likes. :)
Dorlaine has helped me overcome my fear of deep frying, and if I coat cooked chicken in a mix of rice and corn flour with salt, pepper, and soy milk (I just eyeballed it) it cooks really fast and is quite yummy with honey (or so says the speed in which it was eaten by mr Man)

Loves to all! I had a great visit and miss you all already!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Last comment for the day---I promise...really

Just wanted to share some recent bub accomplishments...

- bub is helping me set the table by putting bundles of silverware at the right place setting when I ask him to and give him the silverware...

-building round and square structures instead of only towers and lines

-Bub LOVEs to help me make his bed in the mornings, he jumps up on the bed and helps me "tuck-tuck" the blanket and sheets under the mattress

-spins like a ballerina when he holds your pointer finger over his head.

-Only daddy can cut his hair...and only mommy can get him to pick up his room

-will shake hands when asked. :)


Jello (c) subsitutes!

As some of you know, I do not trust any kraft (c) product to be GF or CF. Every brand that kraft(c) makes that I have inquired about is NOT GF or CF even if there is NO allergen disclaimers. SO...since Kraft(c) makes Jello (c) brand, and Knox, and prolly most other off-brands are made in the same plants (cuz that's how food manufacturing works) I cannot use normal grocery-store gelatin for bub...which is crappy as he LOVES him some fruit-flavored gelatin dessert.
SO- thanks to my wonderful local healthfood store I have found a gelatin brand that is completely CF (and absolutely kosher too) (not that it matters, but hey...no big whoop) discuss...
It is called Great lake gelatin. I'll get a picture in when I do some editing.....

Anyhow...I've been making it w/ juices, and bub likes it...but I see him eying the jello-cups in the grocery stores when we go together...then out the blue my brain just started working again after my 4th week after my crazy semester+ ended...


I am a moron for not thinking about it...and you know why I thought of it??

****nerd disclosure****

I was watching food network, the semi-homemade show, she has this crock-pot dessert thingy that looked good using canned fruit and cake mix. I started thinking about how I used to love making doctored cakes and how it's hard to do it GFCF sometimes (esp when chocolate is involved), and I was thinking about the jello cakes that were always so pretty....and out of the blue the thought that kool-aid would prolly work in a pinch for coloring cake batter, that I could use strawberry kool-aid to make a strawberry cake out of the Namaste cake mix I use that IS GFCF...and BOOM-why don't I use kool-aid to make "normal" jello instead of just juice jello?

Changes to the above recipe...
=1 pkg Namaste vanilla cake mix

=used smart balance lite (which is parve kosher...NO DAIRY at all so it can be consumed with
beef for those who follow kosher dietary laws...however for those of us wanting to ensure no dairy products are contained in the product....Parve is our friend)
=omit oatmeal *considering using Enjoy life's cinnamon "granola" next time
=used chopped almonds instead of slivered

How sad is it that even my own thoughts are rambly?

- it works fine... I made the blackcherry mixed with jellied cranberry. it took a bit longer to set than normal, but it set well. I am still working on the proper ratio of gelatin to liquid tho...I typically either make jiggler-type jello or it's not quite firm enough and bub squishes it onto his shirt on the journey to his mouth.

orange jello (Orangello & Le Mongello) (say it fast) (8/19)

I go to bed now.

GFCF noodle casserole recipe

GFCF version of my mom's noodle casserole..finally perfected & the non-gfcf members of my family like it too! :)

6-8 servings

1 box supergrain quinoa pasta (bub likes the pagota shaped ones, but you can get shells, macaroni, curls, - just not the spagetti)

1 bag frozen mixed vegetables

1 lbs owens or jimmy dean frozen sausage (regular or sage) -both are GFCF!!!

1/2 onion

2 celery stalks

2 tbsp tomato paste

1 14 oz can diced tomato

1/4 c. ketchup

1 tsp olive oil

salt & pepper to taste

Cook pasta & frozen vegetables and drain, set aside
Dice onion & celery and saute in 1tsp olive oil, add sausage & brown
Add diced tomatos, tomato paste & ketchup
mix thoroughly
add pasta/veggie mix & stir
season to taste

since I originate from staunch lutheran country...how could I NOT have a version of THE standard potluck entree?!?!

Love to all- N

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random Microbiology comment

I tell you, you HAVE to have a basic understanding of organic chemistry and bond theory to even come close to understanding the glycolytic pathway, Krebs cycle, and ETC.

Didn't get it before I did some basic Org Chem...now I get it.

But how long I will remember that NAD+ + P1 -----> NADH and that 1 NADH nets 3 ATP....
"the world will never know......*Crunch* (Hoo Hoo)"



Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bub's vocabulary

Just wanted to share what Bub can & does say with ASL

poop (yes, we just mastered this one this week, although he uses his index finger instead of his thumb)
want (only he pushes out instead of drawing in his hand)
thank you
wash hands (after potty/poop)
8/19- nut (only he uses his pointer instead of his thumb)
water/wet ("w" at chin) mastered that while visiting grammy & grampy last week

That's a lot for my little bub, huh?

(signing "candy" when I asked him what we were looking at)

He's so smart, I'm so happy he can tell us a little of what he knows now. :)


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This makes me so mad.

If you have time, and this is something you care about, please click the link and send the letter out. You can add your own comments to the letter as well.

Thanks. N

Demand an apology from CBS

People with autism are not "retards"

Last week on an episode of the CBS program "Big Brother" cast member Adam Jasinski referred to people with autism as "retards." This dehumanizing language is unacceptable. When Don Imus used racially callous language on his program CBS executives Leslie Mooonves and Sumner Redstone issued an apology, fired Imus and cancelled his show. We call up Mr. Moonves and Mr. Redstone to issue an apology to people with autism and other developmental disabilities, fire Adam Jasinski, and cancell Big Brother.
Please click on the links below and send an email to Mr. Redstone and Mr. Moonves and please forward this message to friends and family.


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